What It Means To You When We Give A Referral

Rocco Approved! Carpet Cleaners

Referrals are a gift.

They are a gift to the person receiving the referral for the business they are seeking.
They are a gift to the business that is receiving the gift of a new client, aka money.

Bella’s House and Pet Sitting does not take this lightly.

Dr Casey and Krystal: McDowell Mountain Animal Hospital

We believe that knowing who you refer business to says a lot of things. Namely, it says that we are willing to stake our reputation on another business because we think so highly of them. In most cases we have a personal relationship with the business and believe they have great professionalism and character. It isn’t enough to just be great at your business.

When we receive referrals, we are always quick to say thank you. Whether it is to our loyal clients, and we reward them with credits on their accounts or with other business owners in the community.

Rocco Approved! Elite Pet Care who we refer out to all South Scottsdale clients

We understand that without you, our extended sales force, we would not be where we are today.

Personally, I have run networking groups like the group at my church and in McDowell Mountain Ranch. I know the heads of many of the largest networking groups here in the valley. I thrive on leading with character, integrity, and helping connect people.  Those who I vouch for, I am 100% sure that they will do everything they can to take care of their newest customers. In addition, many of these people become my business friends and we have a ongoing relationship with one another. I always say that Bella’s House & Pet Sitting has been built on relationships and this is is a big part of it.

Rocco Approved: Dog Training, Doggie Steps Dog Training

I actually get a big kick out of being able to give all these businesses “gifts.” Some weeks I have the pleasure of  giving up to 10 “gifts!” It makes me so happy to do this.

So… the next time you need anything – just ask! Don’t open the Yellow Pages or Google it. ASK ME! I would love to tell you and that is why we created our concierge program. Anytime I give a referral it’s for someone I personally know.

That is why BELLA’S IS THE BEST!


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