UPDATE [Audio]: Hurricane Sandy Pets and New Jersey Update

It has been 10 days since Hurricane Sandy has struck New Jersey.

I first came to you with the story about the aftermath days after it happened, urging you to help.

My friends who run Endless Pawsibilites are there, and went from “normal” life to upside down the next day. Homes are destroyed. Power has been out for over a week. Schools are being used as shelters. It is a mess.

Tori was able to take some time for an interview today.

In this recording she tells you:

What were they expecting and how did they prepare?
What happened and how did life change as they knew it?
What happened to all the pets before, during, and after the storm?
Why did the police ask people who stayed back to write their name and social security number on their arm?!?!
What has Tori and her team been doing the past 10 days?

Most importantly….HOW CAN WE HELP?
Please join our cause on Facebook and SHARE with your networks.
Bottom Line: We are asking for Pre paid Visa gift cards to be sent to:
Endless Pawsibilities, LLC
344-5 Route 9
Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734

***There is a small pause in the recording where Tori got disconnected. Stick with it. She comes back!***


Think about it:
How do you get to work if a tree fell on your car?
How do you leave your pets at home while you go to work if your walls are ripped down because of the water damage?
How do you get water if you have a well and the power is out?
How do you take a shower, cook, survive, without POWER for over a week?

Please help. Please donate. Please don’t forget.

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