Top 7 Best Scottsdale Pet Sitting Stories of 2012

Dog sitting, dog walking, and cat sitting put us in some funny situations. Although it is just another day in paradise to us, we realized that it might give you a chuckle. Hence, this Top Seven Best Scottsdale Pet Sitting Stories of 2012 emerged. In no particular order:

#1 – Marley’s Adventure

By Aubrey
I was heading to a client’s house to pet sit for a dog named Marley.  The owner had left town the previous night and I was going for my first visit for that booking when during my drive I received a frantic call from the owner saying that a person phoned him letting him know that they found Marley wandering the streets.  I told the owner to text me the good samaritan’s phone number and I would locate his dog.  I found Marley sitting in the back of an suv on the side of the road with the people who found him.  As soon as I got out of my car Marley jumped out of the suv, raced towards me, and knocked me backwards as he tried to give me a hug.  I got him back home and saw that the owner had not fully engaged the deadbolt on the front door and the wind had blown it open allowing Marley to wander off.  I checked Marley for injuries and then phoned the relieved owner to let him know Marley was a-ok.  With the drama behind us I was ready to play some fetch but Marley was so exhausted from his outdoor adventure he took a nap instead. 🙂

#2 Stop, Drop, and Roll!

By Amy
I was taking care of a miniature toy Pomeranian and a GERMAN German Shepard who’s first language was German and really only understood what you were saying if you said it in German – that means that the only thing’s he understood from me were “No”, “Drop” and “Food”. His best friend was this miniature Pomeranian who weighed about 7 pounds to his 102 pounds. His favorite thing to do was to roll…literally roll….the Pom around the living room! She would lay down in front of him and he would nose her over and over and over – it made me dizzy just watching it!

 #3 Strollin’

By Amy
I put a cat into a stroller today. I took the cat and the dog outside for a walk. The cat was just sitting in the stroller, letting the breeze blow in his face and actually looked disappointed when I took them inside

#4 Is My Hair Done Yet?

By Amy
I went over to Bentley’s house for his afternoon visit – I let him out of his crate, took out two times for potty and had played with him for 20 minutes before I noticed that he had a giant hair roller stuck in the fur of his ear (He’s a King Charles Spaniel)

#5 Droid!

By Amy
I was taking care of a family of pets who had an African Grey Parrot named Solomon. It was an hour visit and this bird talked and mimicked EVERYTHING! I was in another room, giving a dog a bath when I heard “Droid”. My phone makes this sound when someone sends me a text, so I ran into the kitchen and found no notifications on my phone. This happened two more times before I figured out that Solomon had learned the sound from previous visits and was “Droid”(ing) me to death! He thought this was hilarious and kept bobbing up and down and CACKLING at me every time I ran into the kitchen

#6 I Brought You A Present!

By Amy
I was watching two dog’s who’s instructions were to keep the patio door open while we were there so the dog’s could go in and out at will. One of the dog’s cleared out three birds from their nests, killed them, brought them inside, lay them at my feet and looked at me like “Aren’t I a good dog?” I didn’t notice because I was trying to put eye drops into the other dog’s eyes. I was only distracted with the other dog for about 4 minutes and when I looked down I shrieked like a banshee and literally said to the dog “I thought cat’s were only supposed to do this!” And then stared at the dog for a few seconds, waiting for an answer…(It was late, I was exhausted and figured…”What the hell! Maybe he WILL talk to me!”

#7 Sunk!

By Amy
It was really hot in the summer (115) and I was sitting for Abby, Gizmo and Lizzy. I said “no pool!” as always to remind them not to go into the pool and of course Abby and Lizzy jumped right in and Gizmo went in right after them.  Abby and Lizzy popped right up and started swimming t the stairs and Gizmo sunk to the bottom. She did not pop up. I freaked out, ran over to the pool and she was sitting on the bottom of the pool just looking up at me. I jumped into the pool and grabbed her ad put her on the side of the pool deck. She sat there wagging her tail like, “Thanks Amy! That was a fun game! Let’s do it again!” Less than three minutes later, they all did it again. I called the parents about it and we all had a good laugh because apparently this wasn’t the first time she did this.

Let’s hear from you!!!!

What is the funniest, craziest, or most interesting thing your pet has done this year? Sound off below! The winner will get a FREE CESAR MILAN TRAINING DVD!


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