Top 5 Dog Gifts This Christmas!


Well that time of the year is upon us. Time to begin the Christmas shopping. And as we all know, our beloved pets are at the top of those lists. What is a good dog gift could be  a question you are asking yourself. So yes, while you can run to the local Pet Store and grab a ball or a chewy, let’s put some thought into their gifts this year! Below are only a handful of awesome goodies that will not only bring fun and joy to your pet, but will also have other added benefits such as exercise and mental stimuli! Here we go!

#5 Who wouldn’t like a sip of fresh, crisp water after playing all day? I think Fido would love getting his paws on a filtered water fountain! What this gadget does is re-circulates the water, keeping it fresh and clean via a filter. It is stylish and may even help your pooch with the goop found in their eyes. Vets say to try giving your pets clean or filtered water or even distilled water as it contains less chlorine and contaminants which are found in many municipal drinking water systems. Always remember; your dog needs access to water 24/7

stainless steel bowl

#4: How about a new leash and collar?Many times our pooches have grown like a weed and we don’t seem to notice. In our eyes they are puppies still. But as your pet grows, so does their need for a new collar as well as a good leash.   Make sure your pet has a nice, comfortable and CLEAN set.

Cute Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy training on a red leash.


#3 Most dogs love their beds. It is a safe and cozy place all their own. This Christmas get dog a new bed. And while you’re at it, make it a self-warming bed. It is a great idea and practical if you’re living in a cold city, have no carpet in your home or have an older pup who has joint and arthritis problems.

brown fluffy dogbed on white

#2Give a dog a Home! There are so many pets that are in our shelters, think long and hard and make the commitment to adopt a dog! Not sure where to start? Why not check out the Arizona Animal and Welfare League & SPCA?


#1:  The top item on every dogs wish list is YOU! Give your dog MORE of you. Your time, your attention and your love. Take your pup out for more walks, more play dates and spend more time with all. So wrap yourself in a big bow this Christmas. After all, all your dog really wants is you…..

Little girl and dog opening a present

So what do you say? Fido is top dog, isn’t he? A top dog deserves a great dog gift for this Christmas! Get to shopping, now! What present are you putting under the tree this year for your best canine pal? We’d love to hear!

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