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Here is a comprehensive list of all our services. To get pricing, please call Bella at (480) 330-4552 or fill out the comment box to the right! To book services, visit our Schedule Services page.

Dog WalkingDog Walking

Are you spending your lunch break running home to let the dog out? Do they have more energy than you have time to get out of them? Perhaps they just need some exercise to break up your long work day? Let us come walk your dog!  Water and waste bags included! Discounts for 4 or more times a week.

Lunch Time Let Out DogLunch Time Visits

AKA  – “Mom/Dad, you are at the office too long and I can’t hold it that long!”  Let us come and be their relief!  We will let them potty, play with them and refresh their water. Don’t worry about staying late because we just bought you more time.

Vacation Pet SittingVacation Visit Pet Sitting

If you are going out of town for business or pleasure, it would be our honor to care for your fur kids! It is our goal to keep the same schedule for your animals as if you were there. During the consultation visit, the specifics related to your pet and his or her routine will be discussed. We do it all for one price and never up charge for any extras!

Overnight Pet SittingOvernights In YOUR Home

Some pets are just used to sleeping in bed with their human or at least in the house. We get it! We will arrive at 8pm for our overnight pawjama party and stay until 6am. We will take care of their PM and AM routines in that time span. This service pairs well with day visits.

Cat SittingCat Sitting

Not all kitties are created equal. They are just like children and we treat them as such. From playing with whips, letting them drink from the faucet, and letting you know they are ok via text or email, we are there to do it all. Let us come and play, brush, love, feed, and scoop their litter when you are away.

Puppy SittingPuppy Sitting

Lets face it. Puppies are a lot of work. Let us help you crate train, potty train, and command train them while you are at work for 8-10 hours a day. We have raised puppies and not only are experienced, but can give you some great suggestions as well to help you make a smooth transition as a new pet mom or dad!


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Pet Sitting by the Hour

A great choice for those who have puppies, elderly dogs, or just don’t ever want their baby to be home alone by themselves. With a two hour minimum, Bella’s will come and pet sit in your home just how one would order a baby sitter.  Who said our pets aren’t our kids? At Bella’s, they ARE our kids! So lets show them we care that much and treat them as such!

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Some really important extras you should know about…

  1. All services (except pet sitting by the hour) come with no time limit. We believe you and your pet’s level of happiness is our barometer. NOT the time on the clock. This method, a pioneer in the pet sitting industry, has proven to be very popular with our clients. Many come to us for this reason exactly!
  2. Bella’s will always offer you three forms of communication. (a) One text message by 9pm from your sitter. (b) One email from your pet sitter by 9pm  (c) Hand written care notes on your counter. You have my personal promise that I will get back to you in a timely manner. I always have the office phone with me, so I am “on call.” Our clients love knowing that they can reach me outside of normal business hours.
  3. We are one of the very few companies in the valley that offer our clients the ability to register with us online and schedule bookings online. This way, everything is confirmed in writing and does not slip through the cracks. It is our fail proof system so we never miss pet sits. Who still uses pen and paper for business these days anyways?

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There is a minimum of $50 for all first time bookings and a last minute charge of $50 for any booking that needs to start within 24 hours of calling.