Scottsdale Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Helps Pet Lovers New To The Area


So you have probably clicked on this link because you are new too the area, or I personally invited you. In any case,


Snow dog scottsdale

Rocco in Snow in Sedona 2011

Scottsdale is a beautiful place to live, and even in the HOT summer there is much to see and do. With San Diego, Las Vegas, and Rocky Point, Mexico  being so close, who wouldn’t want to jump on a plane or in the car and get away?

In fact, we live in such a centrally located place that one year on Dec 24th I was playing in the snow in Flagstaff, and then a week later ringing in the New Year on the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico!

Now that you have found us, we are able to give you the peace of mind you used to have in your old city/town. We can visit with fur kids while you are away, walking them, feeding them, loving on them, and of course sleeping overnight with them.

Our services as a pet sitter and dog walker are very vast and customizable to your every need.


We are your connection to your new hometown!

Bella w McDowell Mtn Vet

We meet so many new comers to Arizona every month that we thought we would dedicate a page specifically to help you through the transition with your life and pets!

In fact, even I was a transfer in 1998 from Boston, Massachusetts.

So let’s see….the first order of business being a pet parent is finding a vet that you can trust, right? Well I have no problem putting my name and reputation on the line for these fine folks and their staff:

North Scottsdale Animal Hospital:

Dr Josh has been around for a very long time, become a personal friend of mine, and I highly recommended him! Mention Bella’s and you just might get your first visit for free!!!

Next up, you will probably need to know where you can get all your pet supplies?


Pet Stores

Giving Rocco a Bath

If you want to go corporate there are PetSmart‘s located at:
10030 North 90th Street Scottsdale(480) 391-1647
16257 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale (480) 607-1038

Now, if you want to shop local, and we suggest you do, please consider going to Pet Planet they are at 90th at and Via Linda.
They have high quality pet food, toys, for dogs, cats, birds, caged animals and more. They even give out free things on certain days so I would suggest staying close to them!
The reason why I really like them is because they are all trained on pet food nutrition. They are not just self taught “experts.” Another reason why I really like them is because they have a dog washing station that is the cheapest in town! They charge by the minutes you use… not by the size of the dogs.


TIP: Bring your own towel though…they always seem to be low. Maybe because they are so popular? 🙂 PS – I hear they will also price match anything!


Grooming Options:

Next up….Stinky, dusty, smelly dog needs a BATH!  But they don’t like car rides? Or you don’t want to get your car dirty? I have the purrrfect solutions for you!

Pet Taxi


(1) PET TAXI – Yes, we provide a pet taxi service where we will take your dog anywhere he needs to go for a one way or round trip charge! Just call us @ 480-330-4552


(2) Sudz N StyleWill come to your home and wash your pooch in her van while you are at home. OR…. we can come and meet her during your work week and you can come home to a clean dog. This works really well for those who work long hours or have unexpected guests coming int town or a holiday party they are hosting. Michele is superb and I am positive you will love her and her services just as much as we do! 🙂 I use her for Rocco when I don’t want to take him to Pet Planet.
(3) All Star Grooming if you click the link, you will hear all about why I love this grooming salon in Scottsdale!

Dog Training

Having a little trouble with Fido making the adjustment? Mark with Doggie Steps Dog Training has helped countless clients of Bella’s, been around for years and years, and has even helped train Bella and her staff. Any behavioral issues your pet might experience, we are confident that Mark can help!

Next up, let’s play!!!


Dog Parks:

There are two Major dog parks in the area. Horizon Dog Park (15444 North 100th Street  Scottsdale, Arizona 85260) and Chaparral Dog Park (5401 N. Hayden Road). It is really a Russian roulette as to the type of people and dogs that are there. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not so good.


What Rocco and I usually do is go to play dates at local elementary or middle schools around sun down with a few other dogs and owners. If you ever want to come along, just shoot me and email or fill out the form on the left side of this page!
Dogs on West Addison Patio

Dogs at West Addison

Pet-Friendly Patio:

O.H.S.O. Brewery located at Hayden and Frank Lloyd Wright is a great dog-friendly place. They have dog bowls and treats to give you your fur kid each time you come!



I am pretty sure that about takes care of all the major PET recommendations. Although with Bella’s House & Pet Sitting it doesn’t stop there. My degree of separation in this city seem to be about two! I have run neighborhood networking groups and been members of many others throughout the valley from:

Airport drivers
Air Conditioning
Home Decorators
Handy Man Service
Pool Service
…and so much more!
This list will be constantly updating but we wanted to let you know that you weren’t alone in moving to Scottsdale.

In addition, there are a few things you need to know about AZ and your pets:

2- Cats should not be allowed outside.
3 – Dogs should not be left outside between May and November.
4 – Watch small dogs in the back yard. Hawks will swoop down and attack. Bobcats will jump fences. Snakes will bite. Scorpions will sting. Doggie doors are not a good thing in this environment.

What else can I help you with?

I love connecting people and helping solve people’s challenges. So if there was something not included on this list, you want to add to it, or you have a question, don’t be bashful! You can call, email, write a comment below, or submit your question on the form to the left. Hope this helped you!!!


4 replies
  1. Eileen Murphy
    Eileen Murphy says:

    I am new to the area and have the need for someone to care for my dogs this weekend, May 16 (afternoon) through noon on Sunday May 18 as I will be out of town. I live off of Hayden and McDonald in Scottsdale. I have two dogs, Prada (10 yr old Pit Bull) and Buddy (5 year old Bischeon mix). Can you please advise if you can be of service? I would need someone t0:
    Let them out: Friday and Saturday afternoon
    Feed and let them out: Friday evening, Sat morning and evening and Sunday morning.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Eileen Murphy

  2. Ben
    Ben says:

    Getting the pooch washed in the van is a great service especially for people who live in apartments and don’t have the luxury of a space where they can comfortably get a bath for their canine. Having a gun dog with me for the past two years I make sure that he receives his bathes regularly and is covered with a gun dog towel coat especially in the harsh winters. Dogs need to bathe regularly to keep them disease free and itch free.


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