What Questions Should I Ask a Rover.com Pet Sitter?

So you just planned your vacation and you are excited to start planning all the fun things you will do. But wait, you forgot about the dog!

So you google and find some professional pet sitters in your area and after calling some professional companies, you decide to go the cheaper route of rover.com

Pensive young woman dressed in a brown sweater is sitting on the sofa in conservatory and she is looking ahead. She has her mouth covered by left hand

You find a profile you like, their pictures look great, they are replying to you fast, and soon you will have your first meet and greet. Overwhelming, right? I mean, you just met a complete stranger online, are about to give them your keys, and then leave the state. Your mind starts running all sorts of places and most of your questions you think, “I can’t ask them that!!”

Well stress no more my friends, I, your trusty professional pet sitter, am here to help hold your hand.


Why Choose Rover.com?

Usually pet owners choose a website like Rover.com (or even care.com, dogvacay.com, etc) because they think that it will be cheaper in the long run. They are ok with having their pet cared for by a self-proclaimed pet lover, and then the social proof of their reviews from other website members factors in too.

Makes sense since we decide on the hotels we choose of tripadvisor.com, right?


Questions to ask:

Here is where I am taking your hand and looking you straight in the eye and encourage you to ask: 

How long have you been doing this?
Who else can I talk to that has experience with you over a long period of time?
Do you have any personal bonding and insurance or is it just the policy with the website? What company?
How often can I expect updates from you?
How often will you be coming to my home?
How long will you stay?
If something happens to you an hour before you are to visit my pet, who will know, how will I know, and who will step in?
How long should I expect to wait in order to get a call, text, or email back?
What is your cancelation policy?
How do I know my schedule is confirmed with you?
Can you repeat back to me the routine that will happen from when you enter to leaving my home?

The most important things for you to consider:

I know my Mom always said, “trust your gut” and I am sure you have heard it too. Not all, but many of the people that you find on these websites are doing it because they love animals. They think that they can turn their passion into a career.
{Hey, we all need to start somewhere}

I just want to warn you to be on the look out for the people who “love” animals and think they can make a quick buck. The ones that work a “real job” and this is their side money. That is something really important to take into consideration. If the job someone is doing doesn’t affect the roof over their head or the food in their mouth, it isn’t worth much to their life. By that I mean there is a chance they might not be as diligent on securing your home, tightening a loose leash, knowing if your pet is healthy or sick, remembering to do a pet sitting visit etc.

Please heed these warnings so you don’t end up another untrusting pet parents who struck out on the non professional sitters calling me with a horror story. I don’t want you to go through that. 🙂

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