Consultation Visit

The goal of this meeting is for the client to explain all the home and pets routines and make sure both parties are the right fit. During this time, the Client Profile, Pet Profile Service Agreement, and Cancellation Policy will be reviewed. It is important that the client fills out their online profile completely prior to the meeting. Consultation is complimentary only if services are contracted. If services are not contracted there is a $25 charge at the time of your consultation. Two copies of your house key must be provided with payment in full. If you do not have two copies, another can be created for a $10 charge. The first meeting is complimentary. If a second consultation is requested for any reason after the initial, we would be happy to come by and there will be a full visit charge. Learn more about this process here.


First time clients must make full payment during the consultation visit. Established clients credit cards will be charged at the beginning of the week for any bookings beginning within seven days. Invoice will be subject to a $10 late fee for every 10 days the invoice is overdue.


In order to best serve your needs, the strict cancellation policy is as follows – Day Visits are subject to a two week cancellation period. Overnight visits are subject to a four week cancellation period. Cancellation period begins the first day of the service period. Client will be responsible for half the invoice if canceled within this time period.

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For the safety of your four-legged loved ones and home, no other person should be permitted in your home during the service period. No other person is permitted to care for your pets during the service period. Failure to comply will result in a breach of contract. (This is due to insurance reasons.)

Minimum Visit

All dogs will be visited no less then every 12 hours, although recommended three times a day. All cats will be visited no less then once every 24 hours but strongly recommended every 12 hours. No exceptions will be made. This is for the health of your fur-baby.

The above are highlights of the Service Agreement and is not intended to explain. The service agreement in its entirety is listed here.

Reserving a Booking/Online Profile

Clients must use the online system to book their appointment. We also require that they make sure their profile is up to date. The information in the system is what we rely on for the most up to date information about your pet(s). If you need to cancel, clients need to call the office. No exceptions.