JOB OPENING, Professional Pet Sitter | Scottsdale, Az


Interested In Working With Us?

   Send your resume and cover letter to     Please tell us which position you are applying for, major cross roads, and hours of availability every single day.



DAY VISIT Position:B029

  • Available between 6-8am, 10-2pm, 6-8pm
  • Have a flexible schedule.
  • While the majority of the work may be in the middle of the day, when we have vacation clients go away those visits are usually during the AM, NOON, and PM hours.
  • The daily clients are very regular giving us one month to a few hours notice. Vacation clients and times of the pet sits vary.
  • Typical duties include, lots of TLC, walking, feeding, administering pills, taking in mail, newspaper, plant watering, cleaning pet bowls and picking up after pets.
  • Must love getting licks from your four legged bosses
  • Being able to “speak dog” and have “cat conversations” is a plus! =)



  • Available from 8pm to 6am including weekends and holidays.
  • All applicant must have internet access, cell phone,
    reliable transportation, ability to have a flex schedule.B036
  • Quick replies are expected and will gain you favor.
  • This job is perfect for the stay at home mom, college student, or retired professional!
  • Ability to adapt to sleeping away from home.
  • We are looking for immediate hire.


  • A rewarding job knowing that you are making a difference in the quality of many Scottsdale pet’s lives!
  • A company who values family, both two and four-legged!
  • A well-established company in the community that has been around over a decade.
  • 2 weeks training on the job and dog behavior.
  • Gas reimbursement.
  • Ability to make commission on writing blogs and bringing in more clients.
  • No need to do hair and makeup every day and no cubical. We provide company Tshirts!
  • Employee position. Covered under the protection of bonding, business insurance, and workman’s compensation.
  • Direct deposit twice a month.

If interested, please send resume (even if not pet related) and cover letter.


SUBJECT: Application for pet lover.


Please include the position that you are applying for. (Failure to follow directions will result in immediate disqualification.)





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  1. Michael Haradon
    Michael Haradon says:

    Hi Bella. It was a pleasure meeting you at Sprouts this morning! Here are some ideas on how I might best serve you:

    I’m interested in house sitting, either short or long term. I bought, renovated and sold 18 homes, and have done handyman work since. I have the skills and interest to maintain a property in the owner’s absence. I would really enjoy doing this, especially in north Scottsdale. I could also do work, say paint, while they are gone. I have successfully dealt with an emergency situation (water leak) at one of my jobs when the owners were out of state.

    If there are pets involved, I would be happy to take care of them! I have done some pet/house sitting in the recent past, enough to know that I really like it, and would be happy to provide references to all of my jobs.

    Prior to renovating, I taught high school and junior college for a career here in the Valley. I’m fluent in Spanish and French, am on the board of trustees of my church, and have plenty of character and professional references to give you.

    I would like very much to hear back from you and at some point sooner than later, , establish a working relationship with you.

    Thank you so much for inviting me to contact you here.

    Best regards,
    Michael Haradon


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