Is Tuna Bad For My Dog?

A few nights ago, we played Bella late night! I was up late and on Facebook, so I asked what questions you had for me. One of them came from Michelle who asked the following, Is Tuna Bad For My Dog?

Late night with Bella on Facebook

If I am not the expert who has studied in the subject, I never like to speculate. So, I went to on of our trusty resources who has ALWAYS been there for Rocco and our Scottsdale pet sitting clients when ever we have have a question. Dr. Casey is the veterinarian at McDowell Mountain Animal Hospital  graciously responded to this question for us. Here is what she said:

Hey Bella

I am happy to help.  Tuna is not at all bad for dogs (or cats).  I don’t like it as a primary food source (it shouldn’t be ALL that the pet is eating) but can be given as a treat.  Like all deep sea fish, we have to watch for too much mercury- the canned light tuna is lower in mercury than the albacore.  The fresh stuff is also fine, just mega-expensive!  So as a treat, tuna is fine!  The only thing to watch for is an allergy- for some crazy reason my own dog reacts to fish (which is not a common allergy at all 🙂

I hope that this helps!

Dr. Casey
McDowell Mountain Animal Hospital

So there is the answer! We are so grateful to have Dr. Casey to rely on whenever we have a question!


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