How to Keep Your Pets Calm on Halloween

Pets Calm on Halloween


There is no doubt that Halloween night is the busiest night for you door bell.  For a few hours around dusk the constant ringing and shouting of “Trick or Treat!” can be heard throughout most neighborhoods on October 31st.   Of course, for pets at home this can be an extra stressful time for them.  Most pets are easily alerted and even anxious at the sound of the doorbell on just a regular day; imagine how they must feel on Halloween when you get more visitors in one night than you have had all year.  But our pets don’t have to be all wound up for Halloween, unlike our kids who are undoubtedly going to be wound up on fun and candy.   Check out these simple ideas to keep your pets calm on Halloween.

  1. Pet Zone: We’ve always set our cats and dogs up in the bedroom away from the commotion at the front door.  It’s best to put on the TV on low to help drown out the sound of trick or treaters at your door.  If you pet is extra pensive, you may need to crate them in a bedroom during the peak hours.  If you’re going to wear a costume, it’s best to set your pets up first so they aren’t alarmed by your change in appearance as well as all of the Halloween hubbub outside.
  2. Extra Treats and Toys: In the special pet zone I like to give my fur babies some extra TLC.  I set up little blankets and beds, plus special wet food treats and plenty of toys.  Even if you don’t set them up in their own special area, you can still help them stay calm with a little extra TLC.  Plus, some extra delicious food (especially something like a turkey treat) will help them settle down for a nap.
  3. Boarding: If your pet is extremely nervous on Halloween night, it may be best to set them up with their favorite kennel. They can have some extra play time and treats, safely tucked away from the antics of Halloween. This will ensure their well-being and your peace of mind if you’re worried that Halloween night may get too exciting or dangerous for them.

Halloween can be a confusing and stressful time for our pets. With scary decorations and rampant doorbell ringing, we can’t blame them. As pet parents we should try to do everything in our power to make sure they make it through the night with as little anxiety as possible.  Some planning and TLC is all you need to make the festivities go as smoothly as possible for your pets.

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