How Long Should My Pet Sitter Stay With My Pet?

A common question that arises during pet sitting consultations with clients is how long will my pet sitter be at my house, sitting
for my pet.  The short answer is sits usually fall between 20 minutes and 40 minutes.  The long answer is that it depends on the specific needs of the animals in our care, how many animals we will be caring for, and extra factors such as house sitting duties like watering plants and collecting the mail.  Here are some examples of recent pet sits to show the variation in times of sits. Mostly, we care about your pet and YOU, our client being happy. Which means we will be there however long we have to be to get the job done right. We don’t believe in charging by time so here is how we can describe this better to you. By examples:look


Maxi is an older dog of 16 years.  He has one eye and is deaf.  He is lovable, personable and still retains the puppy spark of his younger years.  The pet sitter’s first goal is to find Maxi in one of his favorite sleeping spots and gently wake him up.  This entails stroking his back and face and letting him know he has company.  It can take 5 or 10 minutes to get results as he will give a happy glance at his sitter and then his head lays back down and the snores resume.  He loves his naps.  Once he is up and moving the first order of business is a potty break outside.

He still has a good sense of smell and loves to indulge in exploring the scents of his yard.  The sitter gives him time to enjoy the experience and get some exercise.  When he sniffs out the perfect spot he does his business and it is back inside for meal time.  In order to motivate him to eat enough food he gets kibble mixed with bacon treats and puperoni’s.  Yum.  He doesn’t like to dine alone so the sitter will hang out with him while he chows down.  After eating it is time for interaction.  Maxi’s energy level will determine if the pair will engage in tug-a-war or fetch or go straight to cuddle time.  Once Maxi’s mental well being is taken care of the sitter refills his water bowls and says good bye.  This whole process takes between 30 and 40 minutes depending on how long it takes to wake him, eat and potty.

Chico and Lucky:

Another example is a pair of cats named Chico and Lucky.  The sitter’s household duties include refilling water bowls, scooping boxes, checking the level of food in the dry food feeder, and dishing up wet food.  It may sound like a lot but only takes about 5 minutes to complete and then it is time to indulge the cats in love and interaction.  Depending on their moods they may be up to chasing the laser toy and batting at toys on strings.  Chico doesn’t like to be touched and prefers to enjoy his company from a distance while Lucky loves to get some good petting and face rubs.  Once they had their fill of people time they pick a comfy spot in a ray of sunlight and settle down to nap.  The whole visit last about 20 minutes.

The final answer is that a pet sit will last as long as a pet sit lasts.  Depending on client and pet needs the sitter fulfills all the requests discussed and agreed upon at the consultation including trash, mail, watering plants,cleaning up after the pets, food and water requirements, potty requirements, walks, and any medications needed.  In addition to those items the sitter will also engage and interact with the pet to provide for their mental well being.  Bella’s House and Pet Sitting is full service operation and the sitter will take the needed amount of time to ensure clients and pets are happy and taken care of of.
In short, we are there to get the job done. Not watch the clock. The clock doesn’t = good time spent with the pets.On the flip side:

If we walk into a home where the cat pooped all over your counter or the dog had a massive diarrhea explosion all over your white carpet… we will be there to clean it all up and not charge you extra for the time. Because guess what?

You guessed it —-> We don’t charge by time!

One price, full service, GUARANTEED!


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