Favorite Christmas Memories from Our Staff

Christmas can provide some great laughs and memories. Since you allow us into your home and lives, we thought we would open up and share a bit as well! We asked the staff of Bella’s to tell us their favorite memories of Christmas past. Here is what they had to say:

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Pam’s favorite Christmas memory:

Nineteen – that’s how many comics would gather around the dinner table for the holidays.  My favorite holiday?  Maybe it was the holiday my sister’s dinner rolls were so hard we played baseball outside after dinner using a cast iron fry pan for a bat and her rolls as baseballs.  Or maybe it was the Christmas my mashed potatoes were so gooey, the kids made snowmen out of the leftovers and had them displayed on the fireplace mantel. (Did I mention we weren’t the best of cooks?)

Then there was the Christmas Grandpa sat on the recliner by the bird cage all afternoon quietly teaching the bird to say ” kill the cat”.  Or maybe it was every Christmas Eve because the same rented Santa came for 25+ years to have us sit on his lap while he read from his naughty or nice book.

A favorite holiday memory ?  They are all my favorite because with each one the house was filled with laughter and spent with the people I loved the most – my family.



Raini’s favorite Christmas memory:

One of my favorite Christmas memories is, oddly, from when I was seven years old and was very sick.  Every year my family would make a big event out of Christmas and everyone within a reasonable distance would spend the holiday together!  My grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, and occasionally family friends would all gather together and celebrate the holiday with a big feast and lots of activities.  I always enjoyed these big celebrations of Christmas (and still do to this day) and would always look forward to them as soon as Thanksgiving was over.  But one year, many years ago, I woke up very, very sick…
Originally I was quite distraught with my illness because I was quite certain that Christmas would not happen if I was sick!  Santa would surely never visit me if I was sick!  I remember waking up to my mom preparing me toasted bread with butter (which was one of my favorite breakfast foods) and I was delighted to discover that there were, indeed, presents beneath the tree (Santa, it turns out, does in fact show up if you are sick).   I remember spending that entire Christmas day romping around in my pajamas; I didn’t have to get dressed up for anyone!  Now, I couldn’t tell you what gifts I received that year (though I vaguely recall a Bendy-Wendy doll within the mix) but I can say with certainty that this particular Christmas memory is very unique to me, for it was the only Christmas that I can remember celebrating with just my Mom and Dad.  And it is still one of my most intimate and favorite Christmas memories to date!

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Aubrey’s favorite Christmas memory…

A favorite holiday memory of mine was a Christmas when I was a child.  I was spending it at my Father’s house with his wife and step children.  We opened all our gifts and everyone was happy and full of smiles.  The cats had opened their stockings and were playing with cat toys and inhaling catnip.  My dad suggested we watch the recording of us opening gifts.  He was into recording everything, all the time.  We had a ton of home movies so it was very common to watch ourselves doing stuff.  He popped in the vhs tape while we were all gathered around and the video started with a shot of the door to a spare bedroom.  Slowly the door opens and the camera pans to a little motorcycle wrapped with a bow.  We all knew what was happening except for my step brother who was about 12 years old so we were watching his reaction.  His jaw hung open and his eyes got wide.  He wasn’t even able to articulate any words, he just got up and ran for that bedroom with us trailing behind him and he threw open the door and raced to the motorcycle making all kinds of excited sounds.  It was wonderful to see him so happy and, most of all, surprised!


Bella says….

The holidays can be a magical time. Personally, I have great memories of running down the staircase with my Dad having the VHS camcorder on his shoulder as we come down to see what Santa brought us. My Dad always worked for the big toy stores growing up so we always got the latest toys… 🙂

But now that I am a Mom and this will be the very first Christmas I am home with my daughter Olivia, and husband Alex.  Last year, Olivia had just turned 5 months and was still in NICU and wouldn’t be coming home for another month. We celebrated Christmas in the hospital. This Christmas… we all (Alex, Olivia, myself and ROCCO) will be at home and there is nothing sweeter than that. For me, it is the simple things in life. So when I hear the song, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas…” I tear up at the “next year all your troubles will be miles away…” because they are now. My daughter is the best gift ever.

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Merry Christmas from our Bella’s family to yours! Thank you for your continued business and allowing us the privilege to come into your home for the holidays!




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