How To Make Easy Dog Popsicles

Written by Jessica, one of our awesome pet sitters!

When it is a million degrees out and you have a hot, bored pup at home a wonderful treat is a pupsicle. This simple recipe will keep dogs cool and entertained. There are many different options based off what you want to give your dog, some of my favorites are dog food, chicken stock and peanut butter. These are particularly helpful to prevent dehydration on hot days. I use them after jogging during summer so that my dogs eat.  I have also used these to slow down quick eating dogs.

1. Start off with an empty plastic cup and fill 1/3 of the way with chicken stock, beef stock or water *Try and choose a stock with the least ingredients possible

2.  Choose your fillings! Some of my favorite combos includepopsicle

Chicken shredded ( pre-cooked)         Squash

Mint ( improves breath)                     Peanut butter

Dog cookies

3. Pop them in the freezer overnight

4. After removing them from the freezer place in a bowl to avoid a mess and let the pups enjoy!

Some helpful tips:

  1. Most food floats in liquids. A way to make it harder for your dog to get to the good part is to freeze the popsicle in parts (ie freeze a bit of liquid for about 2 hours then add your fillings then the rest of the liquid.)
  2. My dogs love cold peanut butter, so I spread peanut butter around the sides of the cup before putting the liquid in.
  3. The best way to get the popsicle out of the cup is to run it under hot water. PLEASE never give your dog the plastic cup they splinter easily.

Sounds fun huh? If you do this, post on our facebook page so we can see!

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