Disposable Litter Box

Top 5 Best Disposable Litter Boxes You Can Buy in 2020

Locating the proper litter box for your kitty can make your life and your cat’s life easier. Individuals with kitties as a pet for a long time know that cats are very clean animals and can be super picky about their private habits. Their preference can vary about the size of the box, materials a litter is made of, the smell, and the feel. However, with often busy schedules it can be tough to clean up the litter boxes on a daily basis. So there is a need to select the best disposable litter boxes.

Top 5 Disposable Litter Boxes in 2020

In this article, I have highlighted the best top five disposable kitty litter pans in 2020.  So, read on to discover the best option for your feline friends.

Kitty’s Wonderbox Disposable Litter Box


Kitty’s WonderBox disposable cat litter tray is extra durable and completely free from leakage for an interval of 1 month. WonderBox is made from tough paper fiber and keeps odors at bay due to its unique air filtration features. It can be recycled and there is no need for hard scrubbing of the litter box or the use of deodorizers and disinfectants. Quick maintenance and refill with your choice of litter daily. After serving its purpose completely, you can throw away the box and its content without any hassle. 

What we liked 😺 

What we didn’t like 😿

  • WonderBox is claw proof, to avoid leakage and shredding.
  • It can be placed into any large plastic box.
  • The box is 100% crack free and lasts for a significant time period.
  • The litter box can be easily disposed of because it is made out of non-toxic and biodegradable recycled paper.
  • WonderBox disposable litter box can only accommodate one kitty.
  • It is also shallow in terms of depth. 

Pet Zone Odorlss Disposable Cat Litter Box & Litter Box


Pet zone odorless disposable cat litter trays are made with odorless technology. The material for production contains a carbon zeolite, which is a strong odor-trapping agent. Pet zone odorless disposable litter box is a durable litter box and very easy to maintain. It’s not just another ordinary litter box, but revolutionary as it contains waste and odor-controlling odor abilities. It can either be used as a liner or an actual litter box.

What we liked 😺 

What we didn’t like 😿

  • -Pet zone odorless disposable kitty litter box has an effective and waterproof litter design.
  • Quick and easy clean up.
  • It eliminates odor with its breakthrough odorless technology.
  • It can either be used as a disposable litter box or litter box liner.
  • The box is small for large breeds such as Maine Coon.
  • The depth isn’t too great so sometimes a cat can make a mess when using it. 

Littermaid Disposable Cat Litter Box


LitterMaid’s disposable cat litter box is produced from recycled paper. You can dispose of it immediately once your kitty is done with its private matters. We recommend this product to individuals who loathe the idea of scrubbing litter boxes. LitterMaid’s disposable cat litter box is very easy to use and it ensures your kitties have a fresh litter box every time. For every one purchase, there is an extra two boxes to keep for storage.

What we liked 😺 

What we didn’t like 😿

  • Disposable characteristic assists in controlling foul litter box odors.
  • LitterMaid’s disposable cat litter box is made from a leakproof and tear-proof paper.
  • It can be used with any type of litter and as a disposable corner litter box.
  • It can only accommodate medium cats.
  • Slightly shallow so cats might leave a mess.
  • Good for one-time use only.

Nature’s Miracle Disposable Prefilled Cat Litter Pan


Nature’s Miracle disposable litter tray comes with a complete and intense defense odor control system. Its bio-enzymatic power wades off offensive odors from feces, urine, and clumping litters. You don’t need to be worried anymore, even when you are on a journey. It’s a perfect restroom for your kitties.

What we liked 😺 

What we didn’t like 😿

  • It provides a suitable place for your kitties to do their business.
  • It features a 5-pound bag of odor control clumping litter.
  • Nature’s bio-enzymatic power fights urine and feces odors.
  • Suitable for travels with a prefilled disposable litter box.
  • It does not last that long.
  • The size of the box is good for single cat households.

Petsafe Disposable Collapsible Litter Box With Scoopfree Crystal Litter


This Petsafe’s disposable litter box is designed with a guarding coating to help stave off leaks and is completely collapsible. It is perfect for traveling. Petsafe’s disposable litter box arrives with eight different disposable scoops for easy cleaning at any time and day. It features a crystal litter to soak up urine and dries solid waste efficiently. It’s more effective in controlling offensive odor. You and your kitty can travel comfortably and be rest assured of the comfort from Petsafe’s disposable litter box.

What we liked 😺 

What we didn’t like 😿

  • This Petsafe’s disposable litter box is designed for pets going on a trip.
  • The collapsible and disposable design comes with a huge bag of premium PetSafe crystal cat litter to help deliver excellent odor control better than some clay litters.
  • It is 100% waterproof and claw proof, constructed with a unique wax coating inside to help prevent leakage.
  • Petsafe’s disposable litter box is very costly                    
  • It can only accommodate one pet.                                                                                                   

Tips When Choosing the Best Disposable Litter Box

Sometimes traditional litter box maintenance is a herculean chore for most cat owners, keeping your and the pet box neat free from offensive smell. Choosing the right litter box can enhance the quality of life for you and your feline companions. 

Materials a Disposable Litter Box is Made of

The layout material of the litter box is a very important criteria to evaluate before grabbing the best disposable cat litter box on the market. Disposable litter pans are normally prepared with 100% recycled paper or recycled materials. These fabrics are all biodegradable and landfill-safe. Paper-based litter boxes have surface area that is coated with leak-proof material on the inside. 

Most of these boxes are combined with baking soda or carbon zeolite to assimilate ammonia and offensive smells. Ensuring that the material must be properly designed, well built, and covered for people traveling with the litter box. Litter box should have a wax-based or other waterproof coating on the inside. These litter boxes must be non-collapsible, compatible, and portable. Checking the material of the litter boxes properly before grabbing the suitable disposable litter box set for your desired shortages is crucial.

Types & Length of the Disposable Litter Box

Just as it matters in a standard litter box, the type of litter box is a significant factor. Some kitties like open, exposed litter boxes while others prefer private, closed and safe ones. For the exposed option, the size of the box can be distinguished by its breadth and its elevation. The common rule is to maintain a litter box 1.5 to 2 times the height of your kitty. Individuals with multiple kitties should purchase an extra-large disposable litter box that can accommodate these felines.

For concealed litter boxes, the height of the compartment plays a major role to prevent your kitty from injuries, when they are entering the litter box. This is also the central justification why most felines do not want covered or hooded litter boxes. One simple way to test the preference of your new cat is to get a disposable litter of different sizes and types. 

For individuals trying to use disposable litters as a liner, it must fit the standard box properly to avoid further complications. Although most producers distribute disposable litter boxes in numerous sizes, so you can take the perfect one that would suit your kitty or multiple felines well. Lastly, the variety of litter box you are purchasing and their size is also something to look into properly.

The Lifespan of the Disposable Litter Box

Every disposable cat box has a period of one to four weeks of usage. Although, the real-life of different disposable litter boxes varies greatly on the rationale of the littering habits of the cat and the number of cats. Continuous usage of a litter box will lead to weakness in its active life. Disposable litter boxes that last up to four weeks, last long because of its superior design and build quality. Especially the heavy-duty Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box, which lasts quite a significant amount of time. 

Other important tips to consider before selecting a disposable litter box are the accessories that accompany it. It is no news that regular litter boxes do not come with accessories, but most disposable litter boxes arrive with useful items such as cat travel beds, silky litters, extra scoops, a disposable cat litter box with litter, etc.

Another factor to observe is the set of litter boxes you can purchase collectively or disposable cat litter boxes in bulk. Most litter boxes listed above in various sets; ranging from 1 litter box to 12 litter boxes per set. Select your choice of disposable litter box bulk and get them in order to save the extra cost and for the discount rate.

Some disposable boxes are pre-filled with litter. An Example of such a litter box is the Nature’s Miracle disposable prefilled cat litter box. The litter is added for convenience and you can simply remove the perforated cover and use it as a standard litter box or disposable litter box with litter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disposable Litter Boxes

Q: Why Use A Disposable Cat Litter Box?

A: Disposable cat litter boxes provide a regular and clean environment for kitties and its owner. They are used majorly by people who loathe the idea of scrapping litter boxes or are traveling. They are inexpensive and control offensive odor efficiently. 

Q: How To Use a Disposable Litter Box?

A: Disposable cat litter boxes are no different from standard litter boxes. Some of these disposable litter boxes do not require installation. But others require a simple one. Just open the manual and read the guidelines for the easy construction of the biodegradable litter box. 

Q: How Long Do Disposable Litter Boxes Last?

A: The period of usage of a disposable cat litter pans depends on the material used, the size of the box, and the number of cats using the litter box. Check for any cracks or leakage frequently in the disposable cat litter pan.

Q: How Often Should You Throw Out a Disposable Litter Box? 

A: Throw out any disposable box with suspected crack and leakages. Also, if the litter box is bringing offensive odor. You can throw away litter boxes every week, but some litter boxes last up to four weeks.

Q: How To Make a Homemade Disposable Litter Box? 

A: Disposable litter boxes are very easy to make because they are paper-based and can be made in case of an emergency. Unlike standard litter boxes made from plastics, metals, iron, and wood. They are also called biodegradable cat litter boxes.

Q: What Can I Use For A Disposable Travel Cat Litter Box? 

A: The disposable cat litter box for travel requires biodegradable materials such as paper coated with waterproof materials or wax and baking soda, which are the major ingredient used for making homemade disposable travel litter boxes.

Final Verdict on the Best Disposable Litter Box

After research and study about top disposable cat litter boxes for travel, the following criteria are regarded as the most important for choosing a suitable one.

  1. Disposable litter boxes must be claw proof, to avoid leakage and shredding. 
  2. Disposable litter boxes must be able to be easily disposed of and therefore made from non-toxic natural and biodegradable materials.
  3. Disposable litter boxes must be able to eliminate offensive smell easily. 
  4. Disposable litter boxes for travel must be 100% waterproof and should be constructed uniquely. 
  5. Disposable kitty litter trays must be lightweight.