Cat Trees Review

Best Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Your Active Kitty Will Like

Cats are generally active creatures who like to hunt, climb, explore, and many of them certainly like heights. Floor to ceiling trees are popular with many cat owners as they provide a lot of room for climbing and exploration for cats, without taking much real estate space in their homes. There are numerous options currently on the market, from many different manufacturers and it would be easy to get overwhelmed if you have never looked at the topic before and are just starting your research. 

Top 7 Floor To Ceiling Cat Trees In 2020

We will try to simplify this process for you and provide you with our Top 7 best floor to ceiling cat trees currently on the market in 2020, as well as answer some common questions that pet owners might have about such type of accessories for their furry friend. 

Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree Review

This cat tree makes our top 7 list because it offers a large variety of play areas for your cat to explore, including three houses, three ramps, and three hammocks to lounge around. There is a pole at the top of this extra tall cat tree and it is adjustable to fit ceilings of different heights. The base is also large enough to give this tree extra stability and prevent any possible tipping over and injuries for your cats.

The installation of the cat tree is seamless as the package comes with all the tools necessary for you to build it yourself. The pieces are numbered and the instruction is simple enough for even the less handy cat owners to put it up themselves.

What makes this a good purchase is that the poles are covered with sisal rope that will allow your cat plenty of scratching area and the soft faux fur covering of the rest areas make them feel soft and comfortable. This floor to ceiling cat tree is perfect for small and large cats alike as the platforms and ladders are wide enough for any cat to squeeze through. 

Your cats will love the treehouses for the added sheltered feel that cats seem to enjoy so much, and if you have multiple cats, they can all decide which one will belong to them and have their own hiding place.

What we liked 😺

What we didn’t like 😿

  • Large ladders and platforms that fit small and large cats alike.
  • Top-end of the pole adjusts well for a snug fit.
  • Several levels and platforms for multiple-cat homes.
  • Fabric isn’t the most durable.
  • It takes a bit more space.                                                                  



CozyCatFurniture Giant Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower

CozyCatFurniture Giant Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower Review

The second product on our list is even larger than the one we previously mentioned as it has three pillars with numerous platforms and it is 85-95 inches in height. The coverings on the tower are very soft and comfortable for your cats to play, and to do so safely. There are a total of 13 platforms all different in shape and size, including two tunnels and two cat houses, a hammock, and toys on a rope for them to play with. 

Each post comes with a durable and secure sisal wrapping that is a great way for your cat to sharpen their claws without doing any damage. The tower is easy to maintain and clean with just a damp towel or a quick vacuum and is sturdy enough for safe play. The poles are wrapped in sisal so your cats can sharpen their claws without any injuries to them. 

Cat parents who bought this huge cat tower for their pets were happy that it had a wide range of activities for their cat to enjoy. They also mentioned that this tree was more time-consuming to put together due to the larger size.

What we liked 😺

What we didn’t like 😿

  • Numerous levels of different shapes and types.
  • Wide and sturdy base.
  • Features unique and fun areas with toys.
  • Takes longer to put together.
  • Will take up more space in your home.                                       

FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture

FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture Review

The Furhaven Pet Cat Furniture is a brand that offers you  very customizable floor to ceiling cat trees. You can choose between nine unique colors and 17 different models, both compact, simple towers, and wider, more complicated ones.

The tower on the picture is the narrow model with a short ramp/steps at the bottom and 4 separate platforms on both left and right sides of the tower. It is a tree more suitable for single cat households, although multiple cats owners can still use it if you are limited in space in your home. 

Like the previous products we reviewed, this too comes with sisal wrapped poles for scratching, and plush comfy lounge areas for relaxing and napping. You will be happy to know that the entire tree is covered either in sisal or has plush mats, and has a sturdy construction because of the adjustable top portion of the pole for a sturdier fit.

Cleaning it is also not an issue, as a simple quick vacuum or a spot cleaning with a wet towel will do the trick. However, if you go for the lighter color combination on the picture above, it might show dirt a bit more than darker ones, although it does look less bulky because of that.

What we liked 😺

What we didn’t like 😿

  • Sturdy set up with an adjustable top.
  • Multiple styles and color-combinations.
  • It does not take up much space.
  • If you got for lighter colours, they might show dirt more.
  • It does not go against the wall for more stability due to its design.

 Cat Craft Three Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree

 Cat Craft Three Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree Review

This is a great product that makes our top 7 based on its durability of the smooth carpet-like fabric, and it’s stable and sturdy construction for ceilings up to 9 feet tall. The carpet-like fabric might not be as plush and cozy as other products on the list, but it fights wear and tear much better because of that. Therefore by sacrificing on the comfort you benefit from the product lasting much longer. It is also much better material in case your cat decides to scratch on it.

It comes with three shelves on three different levels, placed at the heights that make it easy for cats to jump from one to another. The cat tree has a modern, minimalistic design that would go perfectly in a modern condo or apartment, and it doesn’t take much space. The top part of the tree adjusts seamlessly and is of neutral color so it hides and blends with usual wall colors easily. 

The assembly is easy and quick, although many pet owners claim that it is hard to fit perfectly against the ceiling to get that snug and tight fit for a perfect stable feel. 


What we liked 😺

What we didn’t like 😿

  • Durable, with carpet-like materials.
  • Easy to assemble and fits ceilings up to 9 feet in height.
  • Minimalistic, modern design.
  • If your ceilings are shorter than 9 feet tall, you might have to cut the pipe yourself.
  • Hard to get that snug and tight feel when assembling.

 Trixie Zaragoza Adjustable Cat Tree

 Trixie Zaragoza Adjustable Cat Tree Review

This floor to ceiling cat tree by Trixie Zaragoza is definitely a winner and you can’t go wrong by purchasing it. Its middle support beam adjusts from 87 to up to 102 inches which makes it more versatile.

There are 6 stories and unique lounge areas for your feline friend to explore and to choose his favorite one from. One of the areas is a plush tunnel perfect for hiding, a hammock to relax and sleep in, four shelves with two of them completely wrapping around the pole, and a set of stairs. The pillars are all covered with sisal and are great for the scratching of the paws, which also makes them durable.  

It is a much larger cat tree than the previous product and is slightly more difficult to assemble, but once you do, you’ll be happy with the purchase and so will your cats. 

What we liked 😺

What we didn’t like 😿

  • Narrow design that won’t take up much space.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Unique play areas with different purposes.
  • Wireframes might have issues if used over time by larger cats.
  • The tunnel is not well suited for larger cats.

Reeple 108″ Cat Tree

Reeple 108" Cat Tree Review

The Reeple floor to ceiling cat tree is a stylish entry into our list. It’s a beautiful combination of grey and white and is a solid choice and a top 7 entrant. The tree features 3 cat houses, 3 hammocks, and 2 flat surfaces, as well as two sets of stairs.

The material might not be the most durable but it is also a slightly less expensive option so it is expected. The sisal part is removable and you can decide where to place it, so it offers some flexibility. There is no need to drill any holes during the installation and the top is adjustable (telescopic) for a tighter fit against the ceiling. All the hardware and tools are included.

What we liked 😺

What we didn’t like 😿

  • Stylish design and color combinations.
  • Fits ceilings up to 108″.
  • No drilling, just secure it with the telescopic rod.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Material is not very durable for long term use.
  • Can hold up a cat up to 15lbs.
  • Secured with a suction cup, so it may not work on all ceiling materials.

S-Lifeeling Cat Climbing Tower
S-Lifeeling Cat Climbing Tower Review

The S-Lifeeling cat tower is a more basic of the others we have on this list and is our last entry. It doesn’t have any hammocks, tunnels, or cat houses. The tree fits very high ceilings of up to 10 feet tall, which makes it the tallest product on our list. It is more of a climbing tower than a lounge/playground.

What we liked 😺

What we didn’t like 😿

  • Made with eco-friendly materials. 
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Fits ceilings up to 10” in height. 
  • Is not a playground/lounger but a climber.
  • Does not fit very large cats.
  • Would not fit shorter ceilings.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

Q: What is the best cat tree?

A: There are many great options to choose from. We have provided our top 7 floors to ceiling cat trees currently for sale. Please read above and see if any of them are to your satisfaction. 

Q: Where to buy a cat tree?

A: Many retail locations such as Canadian Tire, Wallmart, PetSmart offer these types of trees, or you can go with only stores such as,, or

Q: How to make a cat tree that looks like a tree?

A: This is an excellent DIY project with an unlimited number of ideas and design options. For some tips, please read this article that explains how to build custom cat tree houses. 

Q: How to make a cat climbing tree?

A: For DIY tips and ideas, read this article explaining how to make custom-built cat trees:

Q: How to attach a cat tree to the ceiling?

A: Each tree comes with its own set of instructions, tools, and materials, but most get screwed to the ceiling with the help of screws.

Q: How to make a cat tree more stable?

A: Easiest DIY solutions are nailing or screwing the tree to the ground or using rocks or dumbbells to hold it in place and give it more weight at the bottom. 

Q: How to clean a cat tree?

A: We like to use Nature Clean Pet Stain and Odor Remover, hydrogen peroxide, Nature Clean Dish Soap, sponges, paper towels.

Step 1:

Spray the cat tree with the Pet Stain and Odor Remover, let it sit a bit, and then wipe it down with clean paper towels. 

Step 2:

Squirt some Nature Clean Dish Soap into a bowl of hot water and let it is, then soak the sponge and use the green rougher side to scrub down the entire tree.

Step 3:

Spray the tree with the Nature Clean Pet Stain and Odor Remover and let it dry (do not let your cat use the tree while it is still wet with the product). 

To Maintain – vacuum the tree about once every two weeks, or weekly, depending on the usage and how many cats you have.

Q: How to clean a used cat tree?

A: You can follow the same steps we have outlined below. The products are natural yet will kill the bacteria and disinfect the tree surfaces. 

Q: Where to put a cat tree?

A: It all depends on where you have the space. If you prefer your kitty to sleep in your room but not on your bed, putting it into a bedroom is a good idea.
If your cat enjoys more views and being with others, placing it in the living room is a good idea. 

Q: How to get a cat to use cat tree?

A:  Entire your cat to climb onto the tree by placing and hiding toys, treats or catnip. If your kitty likes catnip, sprinkle a lot of it all over the tree. Dangle a toy from the upper part of the tree, encouraging your cat to climb it, or hide some delicious treats all over the tree enticing your cat to climb the entire structure.

Q: What to do with an old cat tree?

A: Sell it on Kijiji, donate it to a local shelter, or throw it away.

Q: What different types of cat trees are out there?

A: First of all, let’s define the two types of cat trees there are and learn a bit about each one of them. You might be inclined to purchase one over the other, and it depends on the size of your home and the room where you’ll be installing the tree. 

  • Narrow Cat Trees –  These types of cat trees absolutely need to be connected to the ceiling for support or else they won’t be able to stand on their own and they don’t take up much space in the room. 
  • Wide Cat Trees – Wider cat trees have a very large base and take up a lot of space but also provide a lot more playground and types of activities for your cat. They do not need to be connected to the ceiling (generally) as they can stand on their own, due to their wide base. 
  • Modular Cat Tree – Completely different type of a cat tree but one that can be very stylish and customizable to fit any type of space. These types of trees are very popular with condo owners who don’t have a luxury of space but want a spacious tree for their cats. This type of tree offers just that, plus it can be designed to look completely nothing like a typical cat tree does. 

Q: What are the benefits of the narrow floor to ceiling cat tree?

A: There are several benefits if you choose to go with the narrow floor to ceiling cat tree, as well as some drawbacks, so analyzing your living situation and your budget is necessary before making that decision. 

1. Price

Tall narrow cat trees are obviously less expensive because they are less elaborate, use up less materials, and are generally simpler to build than large wide cat trees. 

2. They use less space

These types of cat trees go very high up instead of outwards and if you live in an apartment or a condo they could be great space savers. Because their footprint is very small, you may even be able to install a couple of them, if necessary. 

3. Extra height

Your feline friend will thank you for giving him some great views and viewing platforms as the tall and narrow trees can go all the way up to your ceiling and gives them an almost real-like tree experience, which outdoor cats love to climb.

4. Stability

These types of trees usually have a pole that hooks to the ceiling and gives the tree a very strong support for extra stability. You will be able to rest assured that the car, as well as your nearby furniture, will not be damaged if the tree falls down. Most of the time you can adjust the poles to fit different ceiling heights.  

Q:  What is the purpose of cat trees?

A:  It gives cats a space to explore, climb, and conquer which fits well with their natural instincts. The tree can also provide a cat with a safe space to observe the surroundings and be present with you and your family, while having the “security blanket” that being higher off the ground provides them with. It will soon be full of their scent and they begin naturally gravitating towards it, which can also be a more pleasant experience for you as your pal and companion will be out in the open, instead of hiding under your furniture. 

Q: How to properly choose a floor to ceiling cat tree?

A: Choosing the right cat tree could be tricky and there are many points of consideration. When doing your research take note of the following important aspects of the cat floor to ceiling tree. 


Choosing a tree that has proper mounting parts is one of the most important aspects of your decision. The way each part goes into each other and how they get fixed ensures the stability of your tree, so make sure they are made ideally from metal, for sturdiness and longevity. Also, they should screw together with flat tops so there isn’t anything that can cause damage to your feline friend. 


This is a fairly common-sense point but we would still like to remind you to pay attention to the specifications and height measurements of the tree you would like to buy and compare them with the height of the area where you want to place your tree under. 


Being frugal or “cheap” will not work to your advantage with this purchase and you might end up paying twice in the end. Therefore, make sure you buy a solid product made out of quality cat tree materials with good craftsmanship. Pay attention to the thickness of the fabric, particleboard platforms, and wrapping. You want to get the tree with thicker platforms, more plush fabric, and sisal wrapping around the tower for your cat to sharpen their claws. 

Number of platforms

If you have several cats in your house, make sure your cat tree has multiple platforms at various heights and with varying shapes. Your cats might wrestle with an idea who gets what platform, but eventually they will settle in and pick their own. 

Final Verdict on the Best Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

When we get asked, “what is the best floor to ceiling cat tree” our answer is as always “it depends”. It does depend on the amount of cats in your household, the size of your cat, and his/her likes, energy levels, and age. It also depends on the amount of space you have in your home and your budget. Therefore, we tried providing you with the best floor to ceiling cat trees the market has to offer in 2020.  We hope this can help you make your decision. As always, your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcomed.