25 Reasons Why This Cat Sitter INSISTS On Every 24 Visits With Your Cat.

So many times I am told, “My cat doesn’t need to be visited every 24 hours. Can you do every other day? Or maybe every 3 days?” When


I respond that we can not due to our policy, sometimes people don’t quite understand why we have the “We must visit cats every 24 hour policy”  We actually have a lot of clients who understand this and hire us to visit them twice a day and even overnights and day visits.

So, I asked all my pat sitting friends around the WORLD about all the things that they have walked in on. Below there are real life examples from pet sitters in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia. Here are 25 reasons why it is important to visit cats at least every 24 hours :

  1. Trapped in the closet by the cleaning crew
  2. Shut off in a bedroom and unable to get to food, water or litter box by cleaning crew.
  3. The client had shut the door to the bedroom without realizing the cat was still in there. It had no food,water, or litter box for 24 hours.
  4. A cat who managed to crawl into a vent and got trapped into a wall inside the client’s closet.
  5. We took care of a client’s pets for 10 days. They had two large dogs and a bunny rabbit (who lived outside). One of the dogs had bad diarrhea on the 4th day so while searching for more paper towels my sitter discovered two cats locked up in the basement. One of the cats was trapped in a back bedroom without food, water or litter box for days. He was very lethargic, limp and dehydrated. The clients said they didn’t tell us because they were self sufficient!
  6. I look after a lot of cats. In my 20 or so months of business I’ve had: cat trapped behind refridgerator (long hair became caught in old style fridge coil); kitten down in-floor heating vent where the cover had come off (basement vent had to be dismantled to free her) – this also happened to my own kitten a few months earlier while I was sitting 3 feet away; heating failure in house (battery in thermostat ran out of juice!) – temperature was easily minus 20 when I got there (outside temp of minus 30+); sudden illness – kidney infection – cat fine one day, next visit was laying on the floor breathless with temperature and needed emergency vet visit. This last case was a twice a day visit so the illness started showing between evening visit and early AM the next day – imagine what had happened if I wasn’t visiting for 48 hours! All kits ended up being fine thank goodness.
  7.  I have found cats been shut in closed bedroooms by error. Clients were in hurry to leave. Luckly we ID that were missing, and searched for them
  8. Two kittens, only in the home 3 weeks Both “found” their way behind walls. We had to get a contractor over to cut holes in the wall the size of pizzas to save them.
  9. It was actually my cats while we were away. A cat decided to not get along with the other two when we were gone and the other two got underneath the kitchen cabinets and stayed there – pee/pooped there, had no food, water.
  10.  One cat got it’s stretchy collar stuck onto it’s lower jaw. He couldn’t have ever gotten it off by himself. My Mother’s cat got a hold of a glue strip meant for bugs. Got all four paws stuck!
  11. frozen ac pipe so house HOT, trapped in closet by cleaning service, two cat household where one shut the other in the bathroom with the litter box (so one had the litter box and the other had food/water), cat knocked only water bowl to the floor, and urinary tract infection where cat was blocked and needed to see the vet asap.
  12. Client shut the cat in a dresser drawer. Cat got into kitchen cabinet and other cat shut the door. Housekeepers closed cat into a room (happens all the time). Worst one was a cat who got “The Bird” toy wrapped around her front leg and it was knotted. If that had been EOD I’d have found a dead cat or the leg would have had to have been amputated.
  13.  Trapped in a suitcase by movers.
  14. Ate a plant and started throwing up.
  15. Couple had just mover into their new home. Left for their honeymoon hadn’t unpacked anything. Cat jumped off the counter behind the fridge. Looked everywhere. At 11pm I figured where he was drove back to the house.
  16. Closet by cleaning people a couple times, I found a clients cat trapped in a sofa cover. Luckily that was a twice a day client.
  17. Cat had its head stuck between the rungs on the stairs.

    I Want A Cat Sitter Mom!

    I Want A Cat Sitter Mom!

  18. This wasn’t at a visit but my sister was taking care of someone’s cats in HER own home that they had recently moved into. The cats found a loose access panel in the wall and crawled in. They were walking all around inside the house walls and ceiling. It took a few days to get them out. My sister was about ready to cut a huge hole in her ceiling. YIKES!
  19. Diabetic cat who was so scared of me he peed on the floor and the urine was brown — possibly sign of uti
  20. Cat shut the door to his litter box located in the closet. This was a twice a day cat so I found this less than 12 hours after it happened. He sure was ready to use that litter box though when I came in the next morning.
  21. Trapped behind a stove, fridge, in a bedroom a couple times, in the garage, outside…. Ya don’t even think about asking me for every other or every third day visits!! 12-24 hrs behind a stove or trapped in the spare room is long enough!!
  22.  I have arrived to the first visit for a mostly outdoors cat, only to find him with a large hole in his cheek where presumably another cat had taken a chunk out of him. He healed with antibiotic cover from the vet.
  23.  I’ve found cats locked in rooms without food, water or litter. I’ve found cats tangled in the cord of the mini blinds, I found indoor cats OUTDOORS when they managed to eat a hole in the window screen, found cats closed in the closet.
  24. Our local e-vet posted on their FB page that a cat had to had it’s leg amputated due to getting caught in the mini blind cord. They did not say how long the cat was trapped.
  25. Cat ran behind fridge when I arrived. If I had not seen this, she would have been trapped.
So clearly, it isn’t just beautiful sunny Scottsdale, AZ where cat sitters worry about the cats they are pet sitting for. Consider all these real life reasons why your cat needs to be looked after at least every 24 hours.
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  1. Sarah McCoy
    Sarah McCoy says:

    Here in NSW, Australia, there is legislation which requires pets to be fed and watered at least every 24 hours, so I don’t have to cite *my* policy — it’s the law.


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