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Can My Dog Really Love Me Back?

Yes, Your Dog Loves You Back! Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, but with new technological and scientific research, this can be proven! A lot of people think of their dog more as their baby than their pet, and now there are stats to back it up. You now have permission to miss, […]

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Hidden Dangers of Easter – Why Easter Lily, Easter Grass, Chocolate & Xylitol are Dangerous to your Pets.

With spring right around the corner, most of us start preparing for our Easter festivities. Bunnies, eggs, and colorful flowers start to pop every where you look.  Even though Easter is a wonderful time to spend with family and enjoy the warmer temperatures, there can be hidden dangers for our pets.     Easter Lillies […]

What Questions Should I Ask a Pet Sitter?

So you just planned your vacation and you are excited to start planning all the fun things you will do. But wait, you forgot about the dog! So you google and find some professional pet sitters in your area and after calling some professional companies, you decide to go the cheaper route of You […]

How to Care For Your Goldfish

Most of us remember playing carnival games for goldfish and then bringing them home in a bag as a treasured prize.  However, owning a fish is much more special than just winning a carnival prize. Goldfish can live for decades and grow to be quite large for a simple and common household carp. So how […]

5 Tips for Owning a Happy, Healthy Dog in an Apartment

Not all living spaces are created equal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your family with a dog in an apartment. Just as you can find comfort in apartment living, so can your pup. Thinking about bringing home a dog? Keep in mind the following tips to ensure the newest addition to your family can […]

2015 Four Legged Client Awards

Here comes the Bella’s House & Pet Sitting first ever FOUR LEGGED CLIENT AWARDS. These awards are loving and some a little odd, but they are to celebrate our loving four legged clients and here to show the world how awesome they are. I asked the staff, If you had to give an award to […]

Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

There are a lot of ways to burn excess calories, but getting out to exercise your dog is simply the best. You have a playmate to come along with you and they will thank you for the attention and stimulation. Here are some great ways to exercise your dog and have fun while doing it. […]

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How To Get FREE Veterinarian Visits In Scottsdale

We have been doing this quite a long time and over the years have gotten to know the ins and outs of many Veterinarian in the N Scottsdale, Az area. We know that going to a new veterinarian can be a taunting task. How will they treat you? Will they be affordable? Will they be […]

Important Things To Do With My New Puppy

There no denying that getting a new puppy is a fun and exciting time.  They are so cute and cuddly, full of energy and life, basically putting a smile on the faces of everyone they meet.  Still, if you’re not familiar with having a new puppy, after the first few days you may be left […]

Raising Money For Gabriel’s Angels Paw Prints 2016

There is a new event coming up from Gabriel’s Angels that I hope you all consider supporting. As the event website says: Join the Gabriel’s Angels Board of Young Professionals for a lively evening of art, wine, and food! Guest artists, and well-known members of the community, have been invited to create one of a […]

What You Should Know About The Different Types of Dog Beds

As cooler weather creeps into our forecast most of us love snuggling up in our cozy warms beds more than ever.  Our dogs are no different and they deserve a nice comfy place to lay their heads at night as well.  But just like the breeds themselves, there are a lot of different types of dog […]

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Why Do Puppies Have Puppy Breath?

Puppy breath is an interesting thing.  There’s something about it that most people just love;  even though there are a few people who don’t really find anything special about it. That sweet smelling warm scent that comes from their adorable little kisser can cause you to instantly fall in love.  In fact, I have even jokingly […]

Top 10 Most Popular Pet Articles of 2015

A big part of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting’s mission is to spread education to the public. We don’t “just” want to be your pet sitter. We want to be your go to recourse for everything! To date, we have over 450 blogs published and coming up on our 10th podcast. That is a lot […]

Favorite Christmas Memories from Our Staff

Christmas can provide some great laughs and memories. Since you allow us into your home and lives, we thought we would open up and share a bit as well! We asked the staff of Bella’s to tell us their favorite memories of Christmas past. Here is what they had to say: Pam’s favorite Christmas memory: Nineteen […]

How to Make Paw Print Ornaments with Your Pets

Nothing is quite as special as the ornament that makes you smile every year as you hang it on the tree. What’s even better is when that ornament commemorates a loved one.  With just a few ingredients and an afternoon, you can easily have your very own paw print ornaments to hang on your tree […]