Pet Sitting Service Agreement
Our Motto: One Price, Full Service, No Time Limit, Quality Service
Keeping our dog sitting rates simple.
Quality not Quantity pet sitting.
Why you should care about our BACK UP PLAN
Why you should care if your pet sitter works FULL TIME

5 reasons why being a dog sitter is the best job!

Job Opening – Day visit and overnight pet sitter.
What does quality pet sitting look like?
How easy was it to start a pet sitting business?


Ebay pets for sale?
Treats? Think again | Why Bill Jac isn’t good enough for my Rocco.
Keeping your pet safe in the car | Pet Harness

Run Away Dog Crosses Boarders and Bella’s FB Helps Reunite Them.
Rainbow Bridge | Pet Loss
How to avoid your pet being bored.
Why You Should Adopt
Why Don’t More People Adopt Rescue Dogs?
Stress Free Travel With Your Pet On An Airplane.
Community Helps Save A Dogs Life.
Supplies Every Pet Parent Should Have. PART ONE
Removing Pet Stains From The Carpet. PART TWO
Professional Dog Walking – our job goes to the dogs!
Pet Sitter saves a house from a flood!
How to prepare your Scottsdale home for a pet sitter.
7 tips for Scottsdale Pets!
[Video] Your pets CAN BE in your wedding!
Scottsdale Pet Sitter asks, “Can my pet be addicted to SALT?”
Hire a Professional Scottsdale Pet Sitter. The “uh-oh” factor.
No, this Scottsdale Pet Sitter does not like your doggie door.
[Funny] What Could Happen IF Your “Friend” Pet Sits.
What would happen to your pet if your house was on fire?
Pet Wedding Attendant – Let Your Pet Be In Your Wedding!
Doggie Babysitters Exist in Scottsdale
Saving lives is a part of the job!
Professional Pet Sitters Week
Pet Sitting in DC Ranch
Alternatives to dog boarding
Foods To Add When Your Dog Won’t Eat
Cactus and 90th: Bobcat attacks pet

Most popular pet names of 2010


How to save money with cat litter.
Cat Boarding vs. Cat Sitting
Diabetes in our companion animals
[Video] Cats that go crazy over treats! | Cat Sitting
My cat is shy, and won’t come out for you…. (not for Bella’s!)
[Video] Cat Sitting For Tiggy


We just had puppies, now what?
Why you need a puppy sitter
Bath tips!
Creative Puppy Toys
Important Puppy Tips

Distemper in Puppies


-Hana and Sampson
– Nyger and LN
– Clients thank Bella’s
-Cat Client Thanks Bella’s

– Austin’s 4x A Day Visits for his torn ACL


Networking Phoenix (Video)
National Pet Sitting Business of the Year (NAPPS)
NBC – Valley Dish
FOX News
East Valley Tribune
Yappy Hour Events
We want you for reality show auditions!
Free Grooming
Bella’s is Nationally Recognized – (2011): Pet Sitter Super Hero!
Scottsdale Tribune
Scotts Marketplace



ASK THE VET: Can Micro chipping cause cancer?
ASK THE VET: Clipping cats nails and grooming
ASK THE VET: When is too hot to walk my dog?
DOG TRAINING: How can I get my dog to stop barking?
DOG TRAINING: Training with a dog kennel at home.
DOG TRAINING: Peeing and Excitement
DOG TRAINING: 4 Tricks To Get Your Scottsdale Dog To Stop Barking


-Natures Variety
-Blue Buffalo
-Hartz Mountain
Cat food recall


Horses Help
Bowser Beer
Secure your pet pictures on your computer: Data Recovery

Scottsdale Dog Grooming (Self wash)- Rocco Approved!
Scottsdale Dog Walker: Chuck it – Rocco Approved (video)



Boogie, Rodeo, and Moose…the gentle giants
Scottsdale Pet Sitting | Playing fetch
Puppy Sitting in Scottsdale | Nail Trim Tricks
Dog Sitting | Emmi playing with food ball
Does your dog drink responsibly? (Bowser Beer)
Cat Sitting for Tiggy
Cats that go crazy over treats! | Cat Sitting


4th of July safety tips!
Halloween Pet Tips


Bark in the Park @ DC Ranch
Dog adoption – Event was a success!
Fountain Hills Arts and Crafts Fair 2011: Rocco’s Recap
There is a Love Your Pets Day?


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