5 Things Your Dog is Thankful For

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Hey!  It’s me, hellooo?  I’m down here, yeah, down here under the table, it’s me your lovable and ever dutiful pooch!  Now that I have your attention, which by the way, I should have had all along because I’m worth every second of your time…just saying, but I wanted to let you know that I love you.  I hear you all talk in November about all the things you’re thankful for and I thought maybe you should know that there are a few things that I am thankful for as well, just so you know…

Here are 5 Things Your Dog is Thankful For :

1 – Snuggles and Pets – I like way we cuddle in the bed or on the couch and the way you hold my head when you’re watching TV.  It doesn’t get much better than a warm lap and a soft blanket basked in the soft glow of the TV.  It makes happy when you scratch that special place behind my ear, oh yeah just like that!  It’s perfect.  Snuggling with you is really the best part of the day.

2 – Treats under the table – Now you may think I’m saying this one just to set you up for some Thanksgiving treats, but that’s not it at all (okay, well, maybe just a little bit).  But, really, I do love it when you let me sample your food!  I feel like a part of the family when I get to try what you’re eating and feel marvelous when you think of me at dinner time.

3 – Walks and Playtime – Sometimes all those treats at the table catch up with us and we need some exercise.  I love it when you take time out of our busy days to walk with me.  What I love even more is playing catch and tug a war with you.

4 – Car rides – Car rides with you are the best!  I love sticking my head out of the window and letting the breeze flow.  It’s even better when we’re taking a ride to the park where we can walk and play!

5 – Belly Rubs – Yeah yeah yeah, this one is my favorite.  I absolutely love it when I flop on by back and you rub and pat my belly.  It’s so comforting and I always feel like the most loved pup in the world.  It makes my day to know that you love me too!

I love you so much my dear human, you’re my favorite person in the whole world.  I don’t know what I would do without you and just thought you should know!

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