Pet Sitting.

Interesting service that many pet parents are looking for.

But what are they REALLY looking for? I ask this question to a lot of new callers on the phone. The response is usually “someone who will love my pet the way I do”  or “someone I can really trust to properly care for my pets and rely on.”

Well some would say that the Facebook timeline profiles are bringing the past back to haunt us. I say I LOVE THE PAST becasue now… Facebook is helping Bella’s House & Pet Sitting in Scottsdale AZ prove it even MORE about our consistent dedication to our clients, our community, and our company culture. We have been consistent, reliable, loving, and caring for the ten years we have been in business.

Now, with a simple click to the right side of our facebook page you can see what we were talking about as far back as 2009!  One of our first blog posts asked: Tax deductions for pet expenses? Afterall, we get them for children! What do you think???

Pretty neat, huh?

Prove it? Ok… take a look at our new Timeline profile! :) Share Button