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Doggie babysitter’s sure do exist!  Gone are the days when the only babysitter that comes to your house are for the two legged kids. Now, Bella’s House & Pet Sitting offers pet sitting by the hour with your own personal doggie babysitter.

Being a doggie baby sitter is an awesome job!  We have gotten requests for this service numerous times and have been able to accommodate on a case by case basis. Now, we are officially announcing that you can call a doggie babysitter for your pet! Service is in your home and we can walk, play, swim, cuddle, etc. with your fur baby. We can also do it at local hotels like The Westin, Hyatt at Gainey Ranch, and The Princess Hotel.

Just like the two legged kids, it is billed hourly. Please try to give us as much heads up notice as possible so we can be there as your own personal doggie babystter!

We get it. Sometimes you don’t want your fur kid to stay home alone. So let us come and be your personal doggie babysitter.

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