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How Do I Introduce My New Born Baby to My Dog?

dog and baby You have been preparing for this event for at least nine months, or maybe a lifetime, and the day has finally arrived! Congratulations s to your entire family! So, let’s start by saying your dog has some keen senses and most assuredly knows that something has been “brewing” for the last several months. Hopefully, you have been working with your dog to prepare for the arrival of your newborn baby so this shouldn’t be as stressful as had you not.

The very first introduction or meeting between baby and Fido MUST be one of ONLY positive, calm vibes. Don’t start off with yelling or “No” or “Get out of Here”. This was your dog’s home long before the baby so work on a kind and calm introduction. Upon arrival, send everyone else into your home before you and baby. This will allow Fido to not only work out all of his normal greeting behavior, but also will allow the scent of your baby to be introduced to your pet. Have a few treats in hand and be ready to pass them off to your pooch while he smells everyone. You can even bring home your baby’s dirty clothes before they come home so your dog can get familiar with this new scent.

NOTE: (We did that for Rocco with Olivia’s clothes. It was hilarious! He sniffed it, backed away, and peed on the floor as to say, “What is that creature?!?” )

dog pet care scottsdale

When you do bring the baby into your home, make sure you are in control of the situation. It may be a great idea to put a leash on Fido and bring him outdoors for the first meeting. Sit on the patio for a bit, relax and keep it calm. Your dog is going to play off your energy and emotions so no fear, anxiety or stress.

Once the introductions have been made, time for the daily in and outs. Hopefully, you have been working with your dog since you first learned you were expecting so I am sure he is familiar with “stay” and “sit”, knows the boundaries of “out of the baby’s room” and knows when the midnight feeding sessions will occur so this shouldn’t be too stressful after the first few feedings and Fido gets into the routine with you. In fact, the transition will probably go better than you anticipate. Make sure you always keep the good manners top priority for your pet and don’t allow jumping or underfoot activity which can cause injury to you and/or the baby. You might also want to consult with a trainer before you come home to help teach your dog not to bark or howl every time the UPS man comes by with a package. Amazon seems to be a frequent shopping experience for the new Mom’s who don’t have the time to run to the store. Trust me, the prime account comes in real handy!

So, the baby- dog, dog-baby introductions really are not that complicated as long as you stay calm and have prepared ahead of time. Remember – introducing your dog to your baby should be calm, controlled, and cool! Be sure to give both your baby and your dog affection, equally if possible, so that your dog will not feel left out.

Again, Congratulations – the best is yet to be!

The Best Options For Doggie Doors In Your Home:

Rocco, Office Manager

Rocco, Office Manager

Having a doggie door is something most pet owners are quite familiar with.  Not only is it a great idea for your pet’s freedom to come and go as they please but it also provides you with the freedom of not having to worry about when Fido needs that potty break!  However, there are many options out there when it comes to the Doggie Door.  Do your research before investing in a doggie door.  Determine what would work best for you and dog.  Keep reading for some things to consider when selecting a doggie door as well as some examples of top rated doggie doors. Although be careful, they are not always a positive. 



To help kick start your search for the perfect fit, here are some thoughts to ponder: 

- Size of your Dog.  Doors come in all sizes and shapes.  Make sure the door is big enough for Fido, but not bigger then he needs.

-  Your environment, weather and climate.  Dependent upon where you live the weather is a huge factor.  Rain, snow and wind all play a part in just how durable and weather proofed you want that door and fitting to be.

 -Your home, apartment, and neighborhood.  Do you want your dog to control the opening and closing of the door?  Do you live in a brick or wooden home? Do you have  a fenced yard where your dog can roam safely?

dog door scottsdale

Here are a few of the top rated doors for a variety of climates and environments.  

 Pet Safe Deluxe Patio Panel.  $150.00 – $200.00.  This door goes perfectly with your current slider.  It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate pets of all sizes.  It’s the classic example most folks think of when they hear “doggie door”. Reviewers indicate that this door is sturdy and easy to install.

Electronic SmartDoor.  $90.00 – $150.00 plus the Smartkey purchase of $20.00.  Comes in small and large size.  This doggie door senses your pet’s presence via a key linked to the pet.  This unique aspect ensures your pet is the only one who can come and go through the door! How cool is that?  No surprise visits from the neighbor’s pets or any other random wildlife such as a raccoon or snake.  1

Bug Off Instant Screen Door.  $40.00 to $80.00.  This door also has a variety of sizes.  The cool thing is that this instant screen door fits any door size and is great for the coming and going of pets and adults alike.  It’s basically a screen with flaps that open to allow your pet to enter, snapping shut behind them.  Think – screen door without the wood or metal molding or hinges.  This door allows your aesthetic appeal to remain intact and only takes a few minutes to install.  It’s so easy.


Doggie doors can be convenient for both you and your pets but also keep in mind that a doggie door can pose a danger to your pets.  Be thoughtful about the environment around you when allowing your dog access to the doggie door.  For example, you might now want your dog to use the doggie door while you are away from home as he could get into a bit of trouble if left to his own devices in the yard or someone tries to gain entry to your yard. Do you use a doggie door?  What type/brand do you use?


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Where Do Pet Store Puppies Come From?

pet store puppiesSo you hit the mall to do a little window shopping and what do you see? That cute little puppy in the window. Your local mall has a beautiful pet store boutique with tons of puppies to chose from, supplies to pamper your pooch and you find you just can’t resist that ball of fur in that cage. Please, STOP and count to ten before you start singing “How much is that doggie in the window”. There are many, MANY things you need to know before you let your heart strings tug you into making that purchase.

Most pet stores purchase their dogs from places known as “Puppy Mills”. (NOTE: Read all the way through to find out about the pet store at the Fashion Square Mall)  If you have not yet heard of a Puppy Mill, don’t be fooled into thinking it is a darling little camp where they pamper momma and her pups before sending them off to their new lives. No, these places are horrendous farms where it is all about the money. There have been many raids over the last few years on these places, if you take a few moments to simply search the web you will see. And I can guarantee you won’t like what you find.

Many pet stores will tell you that they are not one of “those” places and would never purchase a puppy from one of these breeders. They claim they only work with USDA Licensed breeders. However let me tell you this: That label is used lightly. While a breeder may have the label, the standards of care required are far from what we would consider remotely humane.

At a USDA breeding facility the dogs can legally be housed in cages six inches longer then the dog in EACH direction. Their cages can legally be “stacked” one on top of the other and they can be kept confined for their entire life. The floors are made of wire and they are bred continuously. Once they no longer serve their purpose these places no longer have a need for “momma”.

Save a pet from a shelter or a rescue. Find a reputable breeder via the AKC site or through word of mouth. If you must purchase from a breeder, visit that home and assess the living conditions. Request to see the parents. Do not purchase a puppy online and meet at some gas station half-way. Reputable breeders will want what’s best for their puppies so they will invite you into their home because as you are assessing them, they will be sizing you up too!

These days there are many Rescue organizations opening up store fronts and filling their windows with rescued dogs so keep an eye out for facilities such as these.  In fact, did you know that the pet store, Trendy Pet & Rescue in Fashion Square Mall only features dogs who need to be rescued? They sell all the accessories for pets and then give the rescues free space to home their pets until they get adopted. In fact, a lot of pet stores are starting this trend, although not every one is doing this yet. Kudos to this business for knowing the value of a life!

Please, refrain from purchasing a puppy from a pet store that uses this practice. “No Pet Store Puppies Day” is on July 21st but if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to celebrate that day, every day. Just say no to pet store puppies and contact your local humane society and legislature to start a campaign to toughen the laws that regulate puppy mills! If you want to learn more about how completely inadequate the current laws are, just read this report by the Inspector General.  Tell us – what are you doing to help?


List of Mobile Groomers In Scottsdale

Bella washing Rocco

Groomer washing Rocco

When you become a pet owner, there are many responsibilities that accompany this role. Keeping your dog healthy, happy and clean are a few of the duties you take on. Now when it comes to grooming your pup I have to say it’s not a one size fits all. It completely depends on your pup.

What do I mean?

Some pups are really terrified of being bathed, some are big and require space and heavy lifting which some owners can’t handle and unfortunately some dogs are either too elderly or not well enough to handle the trip or experience of a regular trip to the groomer. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to find a reputable groomer who can cater to not only your pet’s needs but yours as well.

These days you can find groomers on almost every corner, just like a Starbucks. That doesn’t mean they are qualified to care for your pets grooming needs. You need to research, ask around for referrals and most importantly pay attention to how your pet behaves when they come home.  Their behavior can sometimes be a signal as to how they may have experienced their visit with the groomer.  You must choose a groomer with experience as well as credible references.

scottsdale groomers

One of the best ways to ensure your pet’s safety and happiness along with your peace of mind and convenience is to find a great mobile groomer. This is an amazing mobile service which allows you the ability to get your pet bathed right outside your home in a van that is fully equipped for grooming – think grooming shop on wheels.   You can monitor the situation, and your pet doesn’t have to be transported further than your very own driveway. Additionally, your pet doesn’t have to be left in a cage while he dries or waits his turn for bath time. That alone causes a huge portion of the stress your pet endures while getting bathed.

Below I have listed a few local Mobile groomers in Scottsdale, Arizona. Visit their sites, give them a call and set up a consultation (your pet should be present for this). See who you and your pup likes best and go with your gut – even if everything seemingly looks ok on paper just trust your instincts.  Who is your favorite mobile groomer in the Scottsdale area?

Heaven Scent Mobile Dog Grooming
Telephone: 602-799-7641

Blue Ribbon Grooming
phone: 602.481.0612

The Natural Pet Mobile Groomer

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