Halloween Treat Recipes For Your Pets!

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 9.59.40 PMEasy to Make Halloween Dog Treats

This year we are looking forward to our little trick or treaters. All the different costumes and amazingly creative ideas parents put into the little ones Halloween costumes. We are also looking forward to the four legged trick- or- treaters, too! Every year the number of furry pets who ring our bells for treats keeps growing! What will you be giving the four legged trick-or-treaters? Well, this year there will most definitely be some pups looking for a treat so you better not forget to have some ready for when they come knocking!

Yes, you can run to the store and purchase some biscuits and various other doggie treats, but what fun would that be?! Come on, get into the spirit of the holiday! There are so many homemade treats you can make at home. Easy as can be, healthy and fun to make!

Go That Extra Mile With Some Of These Ideas:

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Treats are a fan favorite.  Your dog will be giving you two paws up with this tasty yet healthy treat.  All you need is canned pumpkin, wheat flour, peanut butter, salt, 2 eggs and some ground cinnamon.  Sounds good, isn’t it? Click here for the complete recipe!

Apple Cheddar Biscuits are another sure fire way to tempt the palate of even the most scrutinizing trick-or-treaters of the furry kind!  This recipe calls for flour, rolled oats, unsweetened apple sauce, olive oil, shredded cheddar cheese, and parmesan cheese (what dog doesn’t like cheese?) Click here for this recipe!

Keep In Mind:

Keep all Halloween loot, especially the store bought sugary kind, out of your pet’s reach.  Halloween candy can pose a serious and fatal health risk to your dogs. Even the candy wrappers can be cause for concern as they are a choking hazard and can cause serious damage to your dog’s organs.  Cats can sniff out the loot too, so a cabinet with a door is the best place to store Halloween candy!
So make this night fun! Ensure you have yummy, healthy treats on hand for both the kiddies as well as the pups! Be safe and have fun! Happy Halloween!

Is Pumpkin Really Good For Your Dog?

Pumpkin is a nutritious tasty food for you and your dog!  Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.40.15 PMYour dog will not only thank you for the tasty treat because it’s delicious, but your fur baby will benefit from it as well.  Below is a list of some of the benefits pumpkin has for your dog and situations when pumpkin may be helpful to him/her.

  • Oils that pumpkin seeds and flesh contain are believed to support urinary health. Dogs suffering from urinary incontinence may benefit from pumpkin in their diet.
  • Canned pumpkin is a great source of fiber and can help with digestive regularity.  If your dog is having problems with constipation or diarrhea, mix one tablespoon of pumpkin into his/her normal food.
  • Pumpkin is delicious and can assist in weight management.  Canned pumpkin is low in calories!  You can help your dog trim down his/her waistline, while pleasing his/her palate. You may speak to your veterinarian regarding replacing a portion of your fur baby’s typical diet with canned pumpkin.

As with all fur babies, no two dogs are alike. Our four legged family members are just like us!  In the event that your furry family member is getting sick, please be mindful and discontinue feeding him/her pumpkin.  Dogs suffer from food allergies just like people.  Always consult your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and testing when necessary. As a final note, please be mindful of the quality of pumpkin that you are feeding your dog.  While fresh pumpkin is one thing, if you choose to feed your fur baby canned pumpkin, read the list of ingredients.  Avoid canned pumpkin that contains chemicals to increase the shelf life.  Don’t feed your dog anything that you yourself wouldn’t want to eat! Have a tip or recipe with pumpkin to add below? Sound off in the comments. We would love to hear from you!



Update On The Green Acres Tragedy #Gilbert23

green acresThe Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has provided the following update in response to continued interest: “Deputy County Attorneys have completed their initial review of approximately 2,500 pages of documents.  Prosecutors have identified several discrete areas for follow up and clarification bye the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.  Review of a dozen additional discs of materials is underway.  There is no hard date on which a decision is expected.”

As most of you may know, there was an extremely heartbreaking tragedy in the County of Maricopa AZ this summer.  28 dogs were placed into the care of Green Acres Boarding Facility under the impression they were dropping their beloved pets off at a family friendly, cage free facility.  Sadly this was the last time they would see their pets alive.

These dogs were locked in a 9×12 shed with no air conditioning.  23 beloved family pets perished that day.  People returned to retrieve their pets only to be told they had died.  Many of the owners claim they were never even notified.

After this tragedy, the story made headlines across the country, prompting petitions across the internet.  Facebook pages dedicated to supporting the families who have lost their pets to this senseless act of ignorance.  Some are saying that due to the fact the son of Senator Jeff Flake is one of the four involved in the Green Acres tragedy, this issue was not being taken seriously enough by the Sheriff’s office nor the County Attorney’s office.  Both offices have stated they intend on being fair and just.  The Sheriff’s office has stated that they believe the four should be charged with felony animal abuse.

Many of the owners have now decided to take legal action against the unapologetic owners of this facility via the pursuance of a Civil Lawsuit.  Keep your eyes on the news for updates on this heart wrenching situation.

This tragedy has kick started a variety of rescue organizations, pet owners and fellow boarding facility owners to join together to do what they can to ensure something like this never happens again.  Please consider locating a pet sitter, someone who can come to your home and work with your pet in the comfort of their surroundings, when you go on vacation or are called out of town on business.  You should be able to form a personal relationship with the person you are leaving your family pet in the care of.

IMG_4815Did you know that Halloween is the second most nerve racking evening for your pets, coming in second to Fourth of July? It’s true, friends.  With Halloween fast approaching, it is a good idea to start prepping for the evening. There will be so commotion via loud noises, screaming and strangely dressed people. Your dog’s nerves will be shot. The best thing you can do for your pup is to leave him at home on this evening, however if you are unable to do so, you need to take precautions to keep your pet safe.

Tips to keep your dog safe while out walking the streets on Halloween night:


  • Keep him on a short leash, literally. This will keep them from jumping out in front of cars or even lunging at running children.  When animals get spooked, the fight or flight instinct kicks in.
  • Only dress your dog up in a costume, if you are certain he’s ok with it. If he’s not enjoying the costume, lose it. Most dogs get stressed when dressed up and they will already be on edge when on the street that evening. Don’t add to it. If you are dressing your dog up, please ensure the costume allows air flow and doesn’t cause any tripping hazards for your dog.  You should also make sure that the costume doesn’t restrict your dog’s movement or interfere with his vision.
  • Do not allow strangers (this includes monsters, witches and goblins, too) to approach your dog. He may react out of fear and that could end up being a disaster. Stay especially alert and be mindful about the lil ghosts and goblins coming up to your dog to pet him. Your pet will be nervous so, it is not a good idea to allow costumed kiddos to pet him.
    Know that there will be loud noises everywhere. Even the most socialized, confident dogs tend to go off the deep end when they encounter commotion and unusual situations.
  • If you’re going to dress up, keep in mind your pet may not recognize you. When you are out amongst the chaos, and your dog gets stressed, it’s best if he sees the “real” you and not the you cloaked by a scary costume.
  • Don’t walk up to front doors with Fido. Stay back and close to the curb. That front door is the biggest area of chaos there is on this night. Dragging Fido up there while trick- -or -treaters run amok is not a smart idea! Additionally, the homeowner may have pets of their own and your dog may upset that pet.


Best Way To Save On Holiday Travel 2014:

1658419_1489194024663169_4450491810601496623_oBook Your Travel Plans Now!

Holidays are quickly approaching. Are you planning a trip anywhere? Will it be via plane? If so you need to book now if you would like to snag that decent rate! Most people procrastinate which causes them to miss out on the chance to obtain the best rates possible.

There are a few tips and tricks that many people don’t realize when it comes time to booking that flight. Many people think the price is pretty solid across the board with perhaps a few dips in price here and there. Well that’s simply not true. There are some awesome deals to be had but you have to perform your due diligence early!

Here are some things you need to consider when you’re gearing up to make the flight reservation:

  1. Sunday is one of the most travels days. Most travelers book flights on a Sunday to get back home in time for work and school. Avoid flying on a Sunday.
  2. Don’t make your reservation within seven days of your departure. Your flight will most likely cost you a bundle as this is the window in which many business reservations are made. Business flights are most often last minute and they are incredibly expensive. Book as early as you can but avoid anything less than that eight day window!
  3. Do make your reservations three months out. This is a great way to secure a great rate.
  4. Book on a Tuesday AFTER three pm. Prices get slashed to compete with other airlines on this day.
  5. Try calling and speaking to a rep. You should specifically say you want to know what their best rate is for the time you want to travel. Also ask if there may be a cheaper flight if you changed date and time. See what they say!

The same theme holds true for pet sitting here at Bella’s.  If you’re going away and need us to pet sit, call us as soon as possible!  It’s always first come, first service and when we are booked, we are booked.

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