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yap usa scottsdale logo

When you first walk into Yap USA at the Scottsdale Quarter, you will realize that it isn’t just another pet store.

When you step into the store, you feel like you are in a cabin in the woods. No detail has gone unnoticed and almost everything has been hand made by the co-founder Matt. He has prepared the walls with a rustic wood finish and commissioned a beautifully done abstract painting of a dog on the wall. The flow of the store pulls you in as the unique products just make you want to touch and start asking questions.
yap usa scottsdale
In the middle of the store there is an entire table just full of Yap Harnesses. These harnesses have been engineered with Nasa technology to not only not hurt the trachea of your beloved Fido, but also keep their body temperature hot or cold depending on the surroundings. The harnesses fit small to large dogs.
yap usa scottsdale
Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.24.18 PM
As I continued to tour the store, I saw human bath robes. I thought it was different to see a human bath robe in a pet shop but Diane soon explained to me that they are to compliment the doggy bathrobe they have to offer you so that doggy and Mommy or Daddy can match.
I asked curiously about the “spa treatments” and started learning even more.
As I got to know the two of the three owners, Matt and Diane (not present was Denise)  it became apparent that wellness was something top on their priority list. Inspired by the popular Bach Flower Remedy, and Diane’s extensive background in the health industry, they have developed their own line of essential oils for pets to help with an array of areas from separation anxiety to tummy aches. Hence the “spa treatments” at home for your pooch.Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.03.57 PM
Everywhere I turned there seemed to be something else interesting that I had never seen before. The rebar iron heart was made to help display the love locks that Denise, one of the partners really wanted to incorporate into the store.  It reminded me of my trip one time to Austria where they put locks on the bridge and throw away the key. Matt, who made it, said it is supposed to be like that. They will carve pets names of their customers on the lock and put it on this huge heart hanging in their window.
Like I said, everywhere you look there is something new and interesting.
So, if you have that interesting pooch, and wandering eye… take a stroll around the Scottsdale Quarter. Grab some grub at the dog friendly C3 Kitchen next door and then walk over and pay a visit to Diane and Matt. Tell them, Bella sent you, welcome them to the community, and learn more about their unique pet store boutique!Yap USA is located at 15147 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 130 Scottsdale, Arizona  and you can also find them on Facebook

parking sky harbor optionsSo, you left your house all happy knowing your pet was going to stay in his own environment and his pet sitter from Bella’s will be coming to visit. You are off to the airport and about to deal with apotentialy stressful situation.

Where should I park?

One of the most dreaded parts of traveling in and out of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the parking situation. In fact, no matter where you are traveling in and out of – one thing remains true. Parking is stressful. Whether it be navigating your way in and out of the parking lot or simply finding a parking spot at the airport, it’s all quite miserable. We know this. Been there, done that. Yep, it’s a drag but, armed with the right information, it doesn’t have to be that bad.

Cost of Parking and Options:

There are a variety of parking options right at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The daily rate ranges from $9.00 a day up to $25.00 a day. They also have an hourly rate of $4.00. There are parking garages at terminals 2, 3 and 4 but there’s also an economy, uncovered parking lot, if you’re looking to save a few bucks.

The nifty thing about the economy parking at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is that you can scan the QR code near the bus stop sign, and you’ll receive a text reminder of where you parked your car.

Is someone dropping you off? There’s a cell phone waiting lot – free of charge. We also love that even before you leave home, you can go right online and assess the parking situation. You can actually see how many spots are left in each lot and/or if your desired lot is full. That’s beyond convenient, isn’t it?  You can even reserve AND prepay for your spot right online.

Off Site Parking Options

If you’re looking to save a few more dollars off of your daily rate and don’t mind parking a mile, or a few, away from the airport, you have even more options for parking. There are quite a few other lots that are quite convenient and safe. Each lot boasts different perks. Many of these additional lots provide shuttle access directly from your car to the airport terminal. So, you drive to the lot, park and the shuttle picks you up right from your parking spot.

Some of the other options you may have access to should you choose an offsite lot are:

• Security cameras
• Free newspaper and coffee
• Shuttle service
• Open 24 hours
• Handicap
• Valet
• Curbside
• Car washing

You also have the opportunity to reserve your parking space ahead of time at any of these lots. Here are some lots and their links below to reserve your spot!
Sky Harbor Airport Parking – 402 South 40th Street Phoenix, Az 85034

Blue Sky Airport Parking – 3150 S 48th St Phoenix Az 85040

The Parking Spot - 3750 East Washington Street Phoenix 85034

Fast Track Airport Parking - 3622 E Washington St Phoenix 85034

PreFlight Airport Parking – 44 North 44th Street Phoenix Az 85034


Now that you are armed with some options and can plan ahead of time, doesn’t the whole parking task seem a lot less stressful and daunting? We thought so. One less thing to worry about, right? Now go make those reservations, what are you waiting for?

How Do I Introduce My New Born Baby to My Dog?

dog and baby You have been preparing for this event for at least nine months, or maybe a lifetime, and the day has finally arrived! Congratulations s to your entire family! So, let’s start by saying your dog has some keen senses and most assuredly knows that something has been “brewing” for the last several months. Hopefully, you have been working with your dog to prepare for the arrival of your newborn baby so this shouldn’t be as stressful as had you not.

The very first introduction or meeting between baby and Fido MUST be one of ONLY positive, calm vibes. Don’t start off with yelling or “No” or “Get out of Here”. This was your dog’s home long before the baby so work on a kind and calm introduction. Upon arrival, send everyone else into your home before you and baby. This will allow Fido to not only work out all of his normal greeting behavior, but also will allow the scent of your baby to be introduced to your pet. Have a few treats in hand and be ready to pass them off to your pooch while he smells everyone. You can even bring home your baby’s dirty clothes before they come home so your dog can get familiar with this new scent.

NOTE: (We did that for Rocco with Olivia’s clothes. It was hilarious! He sniffed it, backed away, and peed on the floor as to say, “What is that creature?!?” )

dog pet care scottsdale

When you do bring the baby into your home, make sure you are in control of the situation. It may be a great idea to put a leash on Fido and bring him outdoors for the first meeting. Sit on the patio for a bit, relax and keep it calm. Your dog is going to play off your energy and emotions so no fear, anxiety or stress.

Once the introductions have been made, time for the daily in and outs. Hopefully, you have been working with your dog since you first learned you were expecting so I am sure he is familiar with “stay” and “sit”, knows the boundaries of “out of the baby’s room” and knows when the midnight feeding sessions will occur so this shouldn’t be too stressful after the first few feedings and Fido gets into the routine with you. In fact, the transition will probably go better than you anticipate. Make sure you always keep the good manners top priority for your pet and don’t allow jumping or underfoot activity which can cause injury to you and/or the baby. You might also want to consult with a trainer before you come home to help teach your dog not to bark or howl every time the UPS man comes by with a package. Amazon seems to be a frequent shopping experience for the new Mom’s who don’t have the time to run to the store. Trust me, the prime account comes in real handy!

So, the baby- dog, dog-baby introductions really are not that complicated as long as you stay calm and have prepared ahead of time. Remember – introducing your dog to your baby should be calm, controlled, and cool! Be sure to give both your baby and your dog affection, equally if possible, so that your dog will not feel left out.

Again, Congratulations – the best is yet to be!

The Best Options For Doggie Doors In Your Home:

Rocco, Office Manager

Rocco, Office Manager

Having a doggie door is something most pet owners are quite familiar with.  Not only is it a great idea for your pet’s freedom to come and go as they please but it also provides you with the freedom of not having to worry about when Fido needs that potty break!  However, there are many options out there when it comes to the Doggie Door.  Do your research before investing in a doggie door.  Determine what would work best for you and dog.  Keep reading for some things to consider when selecting a doggie door as well as some examples of top rated doggie doors. Although be careful, they are not always a positive. 



To help kick start your search for the perfect fit, here are some thoughts to ponder: 

- Size of your Dog.  Doors come in all sizes and shapes.  Make sure the door is big enough for Fido, but not bigger then he needs.

-  Your environment, weather and climate.  Dependent upon where you live the weather is a huge factor.  Rain, snow and wind all play a part in just how durable and weather proofed you want that door and fitting to be.

 -Your home, apartment, and neighborhood.  Do you want your dog to control the opening and closing of the door?  Do you live in a brick or wooden home? Do you have  a fenced yard where your dog can roam safely?

dog door scottsdale

Here are a few of the top rated doors for a variety of climates and environments.  

 Pet Safe Deluxe Patio Panel.  $150.00 – $200.00.  This door goes perfectly with your current slider.  It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate pets of all sizes.  It’s the classic example most folks think of when they hear “doggie door”. Reviewers indicate that this door is sturdy and easy to install.

Electronic SmartDoor.  $90.00 – $150.00 plus the Smartkey purchase of $20.00.  Comes in small and large size.  This doggie door senses your pet’s presence via a key linked to the pet.  This unique aspect ensures your pet is the only one who can come and go through the door! How cool is that?  No surprise visits from the neighbor’s pets or any other random wildlife such as a raccoon or snake.  1

Bug Off Instant Screen Door.  $40.00 to $80.00.  This door also has a variety of sizes.  The cool thing is that this instant screen door fits any door size and is great for the coming and going of pets and adults alike.  It’s basically a screen with flaps that open to allow your pet to enter, snapping shut behind them.  Think – screen door without the wood or metal molding or hinges.  This door allows your aesthetic appeal to remain intact and only takes a few minutes to install.  It’s so easy.


Doggie doors can be convenient for both you and your pets but also keep in mind that a doggie door can pose a danger to your pets.  Be thoughtful about the environment around you when allowing your dog access to the doggie door.  For example, you might now want your dog to use the doggie door while you are away from home as he could get into a bit of trouble if left to his own devices in the yard or someone tries to gain entry to your yard. Do you use a doggie door?  What type/brand do you use?


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